Mackenzie Gentile’s Review of ‘Verity’ by Colleen Hoover


Mackenzie Gentile

Verity book cover

Mackenzie Gentile, Staff Writer

*Contains spoilers from the book Verity by Colleen Hoover*


Verity by Colleen Hoover is a thriller, mystery, and romance novel all tied into one book. It is a very compelling  book that you will not want to put down. 

This novel is about a  girl, Lowen, whose life isn’t going as planned. With her mom dying the week before everything starts, she is still not in a good mindset to continue to work and as she is on her way to a new job interview with her manager to see if she can get a new book deal, and she witnesses something horrific and terrifying. After this happens, she is covered in blood, and a guy, Jeremy, goes over to help her clean up. Come to find out Jeremy is the one of the head people that is on the book deal. The book deal consists of Lowen finishing up Verity’s book series since she is injured. With learning more and more about the book deal, Lowen puts two and two together and notices that Jeremy is Verity’s Husband. 

When Lowen agrees to finish the series, Jeremy offers her to stay at their house to read Verity’s notes and outlines, so she knows the style and ways that Verity writes her books. As Lowen is getting close to the house, she listens to Verity’s books on tape and tries to really get a feel of Verity and her work.  As Lowen rummages through all of Verity’s things, she comes across a manuscript that Verity has written that tells the story of Jeremy, her, and her three children. 

As you are reading the book, every other chapter is a chapter of the manuscript that Verity had written. Before reading the manuscript, you would believe that it wouldn’t be interesting, but then things start to get dark and twisted. While reading the manuscript, disturbing things start to happen to their children and learn about how the twins died. There are suspicions about how their daughters died and why their son is still alive. While reading the manuscript, your perception of Verity changes. The end of the book leaves  off with a letter from Verity and with an ambiguous ending with you not knowing who or what to believe..  

 The book kept me fully engaged from beginning to end and left me wondering  what would happen next. There are still so many questions that I have, and I wish that there was another book to fully explain the letter that was read and what truly happened during the time of the manuscript. 

Many people have read this book as well and have just as many questions. I never thought that a book could hook me in so quickly and keep me so engaged throughout the entire story. There were multiple times throughout the book where I just questioned everything and how someone could explain what Verity did in the manuscript in detail and not feel bad. 

I love how the book ended with not knowing who to believe, I do wish there was more of an explanation or summary about what happened between Verity and her kids. Also, I wish that Hoover gave more detail to which was true, either the manuscript or the letter. 

I believe that the letter that Verity had written was false and more of a cover up for what she did. By her writing the manuscript made everything feel too real, especially if Jeremy thought it was true because of her actions.  I would recommend this book to someone who likes a thriller with a mix of romance. I loved this book and I would read it again.