Trying to Fight for a Peaceful Tomorrow

Sandy Hook Elementary memorial site.

Sandy Hook Elementary memorial site.

Zoë Newbold, Journalist

Gun control has been a prominent issue for the past 10 years. From the devastating Sandy Hook shooting that we all know too well, to the more recent Uvalde shooting. Gun control affects more than just you and me. Because of the ongoing debate between Republicans and Democrats there has been a push for gun regulation, and for there to be an age restriction on purchasing assault rifles. But even though those conversations have been happening for years now nothing has been done, which is resulting in more casualties. Without gun control there is no peace of mind for the students of America. I speak from experience. 

On December 14th, 2012 my friend was killed while I was hiding in the corner of my first grade classroom on the other side of town. Sandy Hook put me in therapy for years, even though I still thought she was coming back. Being that young and witnessing friends and community members suffer was detrimental to my well being as a 7 year old child. I was thrown into special classes to aid the ongoing workload from my school, even after the trauma we endured. 

Being a senior in high school currently, put gun control into perspective, and how necessary it is for progression as a country. It’s important to have school be a safe place for free expression and learning. Without schools being safe it makes it impossible for kids to educate themselves and or want to be educated. I should know. Because there are still fatal shootings happening today, not only in schools but on the streets as well, it makes gun control one of the biggest concerns for our generation. It’s becoming a necessity in order to remain safe in our learning environments and communities.  

Although Republican parties want to make it present that their opinions consist of keeping gun legislation the same as it is, it’s not only becoming the top leader for deaths in children but it is also endangering our future as a country. With these weapons plaguing the streets, the constant fear of guns becoming a part of our lives without our consent is prominent. We are working toward more tragedy, and without gun regulation that impending fear of that tragedy happening will always be there.