Style Guide: Bundling Up This Winter


Sophia Tharas, Journalist

With the winter season fast approaching, our wardrobes transform tremendously. For those who tend to gravitate away from day to day wear may tend to try multi layered ensembles that embrace boldness. Others tend to struggle towards bundling up without sacrificing their personal style. This is the minimalist and maximalist guide to bundling up this winter. As fashion trends come and go throughout seasons, sticking to the classics is always fashionable and gives off effortless energy. Staple pieces are just as important if not more important than purchasing personal style statement pieces, this way one’s wardrobe can easily transform for any event and in this case, the changing of weather. From warm to cold, many basics can be easily converted. Here are some that I consistently wear from my wardrobe. 

  Having an adaptable pair of relaxed-fitting jeans is crucial for the winter months. Whether the jeans are dressed up with polished shoes and a sleek fitting shirt, or dressed down with t-shirts and different ranges of sneakers, jeans are always perfectly versatile. Oversized blazers are a must for the colder months, boxy structure gives off a polished mature look. Without having to abandon style, blazers are a perfect layering piece for the cold. Abandoning personal style during the winter months is most likely to happen to everyone, which is why accessorizing with maximalist items brings one’s style back to life. Whether it’s statement jewelry or abnormally large glasses any form of accessorizing will elevate any look. When it comes to selecting outerwear that is both stylish and practical, one may decide on an investment piece from a designer brand or a less expensive choice that is both fashionable and useful for wearing when trekking through the snow.