Danbury High School Productions: Will It Happen?


Zoë Newbold, Journalist

Throughout my years at DHS, there has always been an amazing performance created by the DHS theater department. The play is usually conducted by Mr. Michael Burnett, but this year there has been a change in authority. It was unsure how the play would commence considering that this year’s play was decided at a later date, when it usually is announced sometime in October.

 I was unsure if there would even be a show this year, because it seemed like there was difficulty in finding the perfect person to handle this job, and this much of a delay makes me wonder about the quality of the show, and who will be headlining as its director.

 I have since found out that the play has been decided as Once Upon a Mattress. It’s a musical version of Princess and the Pea, where the reckless princess Winnifred competes for the Prince Dauntless. The queen makes sure that the prince knows he needs to marry a true princess before anyone else in the kingdom can marry. It’s super exciting to see something whimsical enter DHS productions again. 

When I spoke to Mr. Burnett about his stance on the change in authority and play choice, this is what he had to say, “​​I am very excited about the hiring of Dan Sclafani. Mr. Sclafani comes to DHS with a great deal of professional experience both as an actor and director.  His enthusiasm for working with students is wonderful as is commitment to continuing the tradition of Danbury High School Productions.” This should come as no surprise to the DHS community that Danbury High School’s theater program is being continued by someone that is more than capable of success. The adoration that he has received from our previous director should be a wonderful step for the new age of Danbury High School productions. I also spoke to one of the participants from last year, Marissa Ward who played Sister Mary Roberts in the production of Sister Act. This is what she had to say about the change, “We’re moving pretty fast now, I’m pretty excited and think the rest of the cast is too.” Marissa’s input shed some light of the change, and how it’s looking beneficial for the future of DHS productions. 

This is definitely reassuring to the DHS community, and it’s safe to say that the play is on. Even if some are wary about the new change, it is important that we place our trust into the new directors abilities, because let’s be honest, Mr. Burnett would only get the best of the best. 

I know that we can expect great things from this year’s cast and crew.