Emily in Paris; Netflixs Most Style-Influential Show


Sophia Tharas, Journalist


  Netflix’s extremely popular and influential show “Emily in Paris” starring Lily Collins released season 3 on December 21st. Telling the story of a young American Woman experiencing culture shock when transferred from the City of Chicago to Paris, France by her advertising company. But, Emily’s differences and controversy with the French isn’t exactly what catches the audience’s attention, surprisingly it’s her bold and unique style. Not only is the plot of the show intriguing but the inspiration and juxtaposition in the characters’ style, plus what it teaches us. Paris France is known for its “effortlessly chic” sense of fashion portrayed through several characters in the show, relying on staple pieces to carry on the entirety of the outfit. Jokingly enough, Emily is aware of these fashion “standards” in Paris and quite frankly couldn’t care less.      Her style is exactly the opposite, it’s over the top and bold, not exactly easy to understand or depict. Emily’s character is always experimenting with various aesthetics and more so, her outfits clash more than anything. With multicolored prints worn carelessly each day reflects her sense of personality, her style is a reflection of her freedom to be naturally herself. Though Emily’s style is unique compared to French fashion codes over the seasons she re-interprets them in her very own Emily Cooper way, which ties into her character development. Emily is faced with challenges brought on by various characters throughout the show, Emily clashes with her boss Sylvie almost as much as her outfit choices do. Sylvie is the perfect example of effortlessly chic French Fashion, she’s high-profile and represents the ultra-luxurious side of the company “Savior”. Sylvie is often dressed in minimalist colors such as black and white but with the most current season, and her current character development she is taking risks, so are her outfits. With Sylvies most recent career railroad that did not only impact herself but multiple characters in the show, she is more intense than ever. Sylvie takes risks not only in her personal life but in her professional life, her outfits so clearly reflect that her wardrobe is on the exact same page. With vibrant colors and plunging necklines, and vintage designer pieces pulled from the infamous Vivienne Westwood and Maison Alaïa. Though Emily and Sylvies characters (and even more so styles) consistently clash they both conserve the feeling of intensity with their personality and style. Their bond gets stronger over the seasons; they accept that they are challenges to each other but only pushes them to work harder. Emily faces professional challenges as well as relationship and friendship issues. Thus this brings on the next character, Emily seems to clash with Camille. Camille tends to betray those close to her, especially in season 3. We as an audience get to see Camille’s true character, her personality is clearer than ever. Though she isn’t an amazing friend, her choice of style and fashion is flawless. Her style can be seen in two different ways, classical French girl attire and “kitsch” which is the appreciation of art and its excessive amount of uniqueness. Not only does Camille appreciate art and arts constant message of not caring about reality, but learn to appreciate her independence in who she is. This is portrayed through her choices of unique, “out of the ordinary”styling. With bold and bright colored blazers worn consistently but also modernized/modified classical designers designs such as Schiaparelli. As well as new coming up designer pieces by Jacquemus and LGR accessories. So in summary, season 3 of Emily in Paris is all about following one’s true self and having pride in your independence aka, the best version of yourself you can be is your true self. This show has truly escalated from season one to season three, expect the unexpected and watch Emily in Paris!