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Danbury High School     43 Clapboard Ridge Road Danbury, CT 06811     (203) 797-4800

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Danbury High School     43 Clapboard Ridge Road Danbury, CT 06811     (203) 797-4800

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An inside look on junior prom preparation


As the end of the year approaches, end of the year activities commence. Arguably, one of the most awaited activities for upperclassmen is prom. For the class of 2025, they are eager to celebrate their Hollywood themed dance. Junior Prom ticket sales began last week and are going for $85. Despite the event being late in the year, the preparation starts far in advance. Between class officers, class advisors, and students involved in the Junior Prom Committee, many people help with the preparation for this event. The goal of the night is for everyone to have a fun and memorable night despite any chaos in the planning process. 


Behind the scenes of the anticipated Hollywood night, are the junior class officers who are working hard to make this night come to be. They get a different perspective, having to do the promotion, planning, and organizing of prom night. Beyond the arguable stress however, Vy Duong, junior class’ vice president, states that the planning has actually “been going really well, [their] officers collaborate well together, and [the] prom committee has also shown their efforts in helping.” As the date approaches, they have been working to sell tickets and set up the venue in preparation. It is of their utmost importance to make an enjoyable night for their peers and have everything run smoothly.


To get an insight on how the girls may be preparing for prom we asked some junior girls. The excitement of this event can be lost within all the stress of pictures, dresses, makeup, and hairstyles. Junior Chloe Trimandilis agrees and confesses that “there is a pressure to look your best for prom. Most people stress about what they are wearing, what makeup, hair or nails they’re getting done and this all adds up to create this pressure of prom.” Figuring out what to wear is not all stress. In fact, playing dress up is part of the fun. So much so that there have been prom dress instagram accounts created for girls to post their prom dress. Regardless of all the preparation, Trimandilis is “most looking forward to taking  pictures in the photo booth and dancing on the dance floor with [her] friends” the most and is “looking forward to seeing all the decorations that our class officers decided on.”


With what seems to be a polar opposite experience however, is the male preparation for prom. Unlike the ensured claim and alterations of the dresses the girls will wear, Giani Chieffalo, another member of the class of 2025, states that he’ll simply be “getting [his] suit probably the day before prom, [and] get a haircut probably 3-4 days before.” This schedule seems to be much less of a hassle compared to the women we interviewed, and is an interesting observation. Regardless of the length and effort of the preparation for this event, each and every junior will most likely enjoy the night equally and spend quality time with their closest friends. At the end of the day, even though the presentation of each person is a prioritized factor, junior prom is truly about the experience of this night to be remembered.


Everyone is taking their own measures to prepare for this memorable night. Despite any stress or details that still need to be ironed out, May 10th will definitely be remembered by the class of 2025.  


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Abby Munoz
Abby Munoz, Staff Writer
Hey y'all! I am Abby Munoz and currently a senior here at DHS. Around the school I participate and many different clubs and sports.  I am a captain of the girls Cross Country team and I also run Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field. In my free time, I love hanging out with friends and paddle boarding in the summer.
Linda Nucullaj
Linda Nucullaj, Staff Writer
Hey everyone, my name is Linda, and I am a senior here at DHS :) I decided to join the Hatter's Herald this year because writing has always been something I am fond of, and is definitely something I'd like to pursue in the future (along with political science). I'm a member of NEHS, an intern for the Danbury Library, and also hold a title as the Secretary for the DHS Class of 2024. Outside of school, I love movies, music, and books, as well as spending time with my cat. I am always interested in learning about new things and sharing information with people, so I look forward to publishing articles for our newspaper!

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