Teacher Feature: Mrs. D’auria


Mrs. D’auria in her safe space classroom!

Zoë Newbold, Journalist

Mrs. D’auria, or better known as Mrs. D, is the clothing and textiles and child psychology teacher here at Danbury High School.  She recently hit 11 years teaching at Danbury High and loves it! She credits all the students and the culturally diverse environment here at DHS for her longevity of teaching. Students tend to gravitate towards her classroom as a safe haven due to her charismatic attitude and iconic personality that keeps everyone laughing.

When asked questions about her experiences in our school concerning how the students and the curriculum changed she answered, “The community dynamics have changed, which resulted in an influx of diverse cultures attending DHS.” She applauded the diversity here at DHS and mentioned that it was one of her reasons for staying at Danbury.

When asking Mrs. D about her accomplishments at DHS she replied, “Well, there was the Human Rights Award and the Harvey Milk and Silva Riviera Award last year, and I also had students speaking at the State Capital for the Women’s March for Gender Equality, and presenting over multicultural humanistics.”

Her goal is to make DHS a safe space for all. Although Mrs. D’auria’s love for our school is large, there are always things to improve.

When speaking to Mrs. D’auria about what she would change throughout the school, she responded with, “I wish things would be more smooth, the changes we’re going through, and acquiring grants. Supplies should be provided for the students.” Supplies for the students are now provided by the teachers, which comes out of their paychecks. “I know that we’re trying our best but I’m not sure if the best is good enough.” When taking that into consideration we asked a student about Mrs. D and her efforts at the school. “Mrs. D is an advocate for the students” Giulia Rodrigues a senior at DHS said. Even though Mrs. D might see the best not being good enough, students are grateful for her support and her avocation.

When faced with the question, what would she do if she was principal for a day, she answered with, “Look at the curriculum.” Mrs. D cares about the all around well being of the students and their educations here at DHS. “Make sure the facts are facts” Mrs. D’auria. Continuously throughout her career at DHS, both students and teachers have spoken about her in the highest regard for her teaching style and all around good attitude around learning.

We know that she will keep teaching here for years to come and show the future generations that if you have an appetite for change, she will always have your back.