Around the World with Anthony Steady


Provided by Anthony Steady

Mr. Steady next to his amazing ocean view in England.

Giselle Morales, Senior Editor

Social Studies teacher Anthony Steady is quite the traveler who has not only been around the country but to several parts of Europe as well. For Mr. Steady, the joy of traveling comes from the fact that it’s a learning experience. He claims that staying in Connecticut for his entire life would deny him the right to see what the rest of the world has to offer. Mr. Steady travels not only to explore a new part of the world but to learn how people from different parts of the world live.  

Throughout his traveling journey Mr. Steady has witnessed beautiful sceneries including mountain, rivers, and ocean views, which is exactly what he’s looking for. The foods and environments are aspects that he always looks forward to, but having the time to go hiking is very important to him. He claims that he doesn’t usually pick a place to visit unless there is a mountain he can hike up. His passion for hiking started during college and is something that he’s continued to do ever since. The chances of him visiting a place again are very slim which is why he tries to be as active as possible. 

When traveling Mr. Steady tries to avoid the touristy locations as he prefers to explore on his own. In fact, exploring is his favorite part about traveling as he gets to do whatever he wants which is very liberating for him. Being away from home is a great feeling for Mr. Steady, but the hard part is always having to come back. He claims he finds himself very depressed after traveling as he has to adjust once again to his usual routine. 

“I always wanted to go to Japan and I almost did a couple years ago,” said Mr. Steady. “Covid had other plans, but I would like to have an opportunity to go to Japan at some point. Another one I think would be cool to go to would be Palestine or Israel. I think the middle east is really cool but it’s not always the safest to travel to these places which is sad.” 

As of now, Mr. Steady has had the opportunity to travel to Texas, Washington State, Canada, New England,  Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, and Switzerland. Though if he could pick a new place to live other than the U.S, it would have to be a small Italian village. Despite having done many European travels, he has not yet had the chance to visit Asia or the Middle East. He’s done very limited solo traveling but believes that it’s something worth doing at least once. He has seen that you can learn a lot about yourself when you don’t know anyone at all. Even though he believes solo traveling is fun, it often gets lonely, which is why he prefers to travel with a small group. 

“I loved Spain and Portugal the most because the pacing of life was significantly slower,” said Mr. Steady. “In Connecticut everyone is always going and going and going and non stop, you’re always looking to the next deadline. When I was in Spain and Portugal it did not feel that way, people were just kind of walking around, they were taking breaks in the middle of the day, were having long lunches, people were outside eating all throughout the day. It was just very different.” 

Although traveling to new parts of the world is always exciting, it can sometimes be dangerous and risky on certain occasions. Mr. Steady himself once faced a threatening situation during his stay in Morocco. He was deep into an old market when he attempted to run away from a mysterious man who had been following him and his friend. Fortunately he was able to lose him in a crowd of people and made it out of the country alive. 

At the moment he’s looking into traveling to the Grand Canyon this summer but doesn’t have anything officially planned. He believes that teaching is the perfect job for his traveling passion as he gets two months every summer to do whatever he wants.