75 of Danbury’s Most In Need Residents Given Gift Bags to Celebrate the Holidays

Jenna Saltzman

The holidays are a time for families, despite their financial problems, to come together and rejoice over food and gifts. In December of 2022, with the help of UConn Extension, the Jericho Food Pantry was able to provide 75 of Danbury’s most in need residents with can openers and ‘Canned Foods fill MyPlate’ gift bags so they too could celebrate the winter holidays with their loved ones. According to Extension staff member Heather Peracchio, who along with Juliana Restrepo Marin assembled and delivered all of the gift bags and can openers before the holidays, “Our work with Jericho food pantry and Danbury Public Schools captures the essence of what Extension is.” Peracchio emphasizes the positive impact UConn Extension has on the local community when explaining that not only does UConn Extension help the community flourish but “also [fosters] connections related to food security.” This was all made possible by the Fairfield County Agricultural Extension Council (FCAEC), the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Food Security project, and the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program who generously funded this project. If any families are interested in assisting in future projects make sure to join UConn’s nutrition workshops where you can sign up here.