The SAT is Closer Than You Think!


Mario Fuentes, Staff Writer

It is almost that time of the year here at DHS, SAT testing is right around the corner. As time gets closer for the test, it is important to know a few helpful facts and the importance of this year’s SAT. 


The SAT is a test all students at DHS take during their junior year. The test is supposed to test your knowledge and readiness on sections consisting of reading, writing, and math comprehension. The test is coordinated by CollegeBoard, the company also responsible for AP (Advanced Placement) classes. CollegeBoard grades on a scale of 400-1600, 1600 being a perfect score which is seen as a huge achievement by many.  While the test doesn’t affect your high school academic performance, it does serve a crucial part in the college application process.


When applying for colleges, they usually ask for a student’s SAT score depending on the major or school. While most schools have switched to test-optional (not having to show a test at all) The SAT could be crucial in getting into certain schools or making up for weak parts in a student’s application (GPA, Extracurricular, Community service, Essay). While it may not be the most important aspect of the application, it could definitely help in getting into a school that might seem out of reach without it. Scholarships are also given to students who do very well on the SAT which could help tremendously with high tuition prices.


Students have started to take initiative by starting tutoring sessions and practice tests for the SAT. DHS has started signing students up for an SAT tutoring flex. It is important to study if you want to get that high score to show off to colleges. There are websites and places where students can get group or individual tutoring for the SAT. If a student is not satisfied with their score, they can retake the test at a later date at a school in the surrounding area.

DHS is a test center for the SAT meaning that students won’t have to go anywhere unfamiliar to take the test. It is important to check if you are signed up for the SAT at DHS for Wednesday, March 22, 2023. Many students have been signed up automatically but it is important to check in case of a problem. students can check by logging into their CollegeBoard accounts and heading to “My SAT”. If a test date is not shown then check with a counselor for any further help.