An Inside Look at Danbury’s Popcorn Brand


Mario Fuentes, Staff Writer

Danbury is home to a diverse range of businesses, ranging from unique small businesses on Main Street to a company reaching the Inc 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies. LesserEvil is a popcorn company here in Danbury that has shown to be prevalent in a society where everyone is reading the nutrition label. LesserEvil strives to reach its consumers with a delicious taste while keeping the ingredients label to words most customers can read. LesserEvil has been partnering with Danbury and our high school to give opportunities to our community. They have given their first field trip to our high school in February with our Steminist club and are planning on giving more in the upcoming months. 

LesserEvil is a unique food company that makes sure to put its people in front. LesserEvil has been voted to be a “Most Loved Workplace”. It gives the opportunity for growth within the company for all its workers. According to Jessica Dragonetti, HR Manager at LesserEvil, DHS alumni, and past Hatters Herald writer, states “ there are countless opportunities to learn new skills and grow within LesserEvil. We try to bring similar opportunities to our employees that we bring to our customers.” This is highly attractive for workers since it keeps everyone happy and determined to do better. 

LesserEvil is also very natural. In their staple popcorn “Himalayan Pink Salt” they manage to make a great snack with only three ingredients. This keeps things simple which results in a perfect batch of popcorn every time. It also results in one of the lowest-calorie popcorn on the market. They make sure to have control of every step of the way from the kernel to the shelves. Using a Self-manufacturing process keeps everything in check. Jessica states that “Self-manufacturing allows us to control every step of the process — from sourcing our high-quality ingredients to designing the playful graphics on the packaging and everything in between.” The high quality of their popcorn even has celebrities raving with people from Lizzo to Kylie Jenner found snacking on their products Everything at LesserEvil is down to the science and we are all excited to see what’s coming next.

Students continue to look forward to what DHS and LesserEvil can accomplish next. From the first field trip to the last, DHS is excited!


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