Supporting Small Fashion Businesses


Sophia Tharas, Journalist

 With the spring season quickly approaching, we tend to splurge on an entirely transformed  wardrobe gravitating away from the colder weather to warmer. This tendency to splurge has become so common that fashion is now more progressive than ever before, becoming the “go-to” when it comes to shopping for a new spring wardrobe. Brands like “Shein” and “H&M” use child labor while manufacturing clothing as well as damaging the earth while they’re at it. Fast fashion is what fills landfills when the trends end abruptly, which economically endangers our planet. Shopping secondhand and buying from small businesses is simply better for the environment whilst mentioning that the clothes are of high quality and tend to be handmade by the business. With that, there are many small business shops to choose from. There are a variety of styles and ranges.


Here are a few of my personal favorites I’ve bought from that I can assure are beautiful pieces that helped me build my wardrobe. Starting with the small business called “Ending Kairos” founded by a group of women whose goal is to empower women to embrace their bodies. Endring Kairos is unique by using inspiration from statues and minimalist Ancient-Greek art while staying completely sustainable online business.


The second brand that is more commonly known by scrolling through pinterest is known as “Pretties Venice”. The brand has a big history and became successful in the 90s. In the 1970s, the founder of the brand Linda Meltzer used to search through flea markets and thrift shops for children’s size “French-cut T-shirts”. In the early 1990s, she worked as a stylist for music videos and movies. She became obsessed with the form-fitting, shrunken shirts to the point where she started creating her own. Her T-shirts popped up on Drew Barrymore on the cover of teen magazine. In Friends, Jennifer Aniston wore them multiple times, and they made two appearances in the infamous 90s movie Clueless starring 90s star Alicia Silverstone. The brand continues its success now and keeps it completely sustainable, while offering unique pieces.


Lastly, the most casual ‘ready-to-wear’ brand is called “Djerf Avenue.” Their pieces are ethically produced and manufactured in Portugal, Italy & Sweden. Djerf Avenue is a Swedish, non-seasonal, ready to wear brand. Djerf avenues goal is being the basics in the wardrobe that one can always go to. They believe in timeless designs  that will last forever and will work for years to come. All in all, buying from sustainable and small business brands is better for you and the earth and a great way to build a unique wardrobe with pieces that no one else will have.