Course Deep Dive: Child Development


Lilly Calipa, Staff Writer

Child Development, an extremely popular course here at Danbury High School, is a class like no other. It is offered to sophomores, juniors, and seniors and can be taken at a college prep level or an honors level. It is a full-year class that helps students gain credit toward a Career and Life Skills graduation requirement. If there is interest in working with children and learning how they interact physically, socially, and emotionally, then this would definitely be a valuable class!

Throughout the second semester of this course, students will have the opportunity to work with children from the Danbury Little Hatters community. There are 13 kids in total from ages three to five years old. Students are assigned a child to personally take care of and watch over. The students themselves prepare for the day beforehand by making learning objectives on their own. They set up assignments and activities for the preschoolers to learn from and enjoy. While observing the children for themselves, they also get the experience of teaching and guiding. 

Ms.Keane, otherwise known as Ms.Queen, is a captivating teacher of Child Development. She expects independence and responsibility from all of her students. During the first semester of her course, she prepares her students for the hard work and leadership that comes with managing preschoolers. In the second half of the year, she is able to sit back and appreciate her own hard work by overviewing what her students teach the kids. She is described as fun, humorous, and not mean at all. Ms.Keane believes in “power, strength, and knowledge.” 

When meeting with her, she generously showed us around the classroom which was like taking a trip back to kindergarten. The room was full of color and had a spacious carpet to sit on. There were lively posters, artwork, and easy access to board games and puzzles. There is no doubt that the children have a blast learning here at DHS! 

When considering this class, students need to know that if any bad behavior requires a suspension or if they fail the first semester, they will be removed from the course for the rest of the year. Preschoolers deserve to be treated with the best care and vigilance. Child Development is a highly talked about course that previous students always love. Ms.Keane is an amazing teacher with amazing knowledge to share that is passed down to each of her students!