It Ends With Us Coming Alive

Maria Francisco

Many might know the popular author Colleen Hoover, known for her romantic non-fiction novels. Her literature swoons her audience into a fantasy, leaving them unable to take their eyes off the book as they grow a deeper and deeper connection with the characters in the novels. Her work has gained more recognition as it has been appreciated and promoted on social media platforms through her several number of supporters that just keeps growing. Supporters share their experience of the multiple ways her novels have helped them. As one of her several supporters, I can personally say she has helped me and many others get back into a consistent and positive reading journey. Now, Colleen Hoover has released important news that will leave her fans jumping up and down from excitement like little kids.
Colleen Hoover is filming a movie! It has been a dream of hers to one day have an experience like this in her career and now she has the opportunity to do so. She has chosen to film the movie on one of her most popular novels, It Ends With Us. Colleen has a close connection to this story as she wrote it inspired by her mother’s experience that she witnessed growing up. Her mother’s strength to survive an abusive relationship and still courageously keep moving forward, is very well reflected and projected throughout the novels, and now to be projected through the film. It’s been revealed that this sentimental and romantic film will be starring Blake Lively, Justin Baldoni, and Brandon Sklenar. If you haven’t already read It Ends With Us, I highly recommend it, not only because of the upcoming movie but also because of the sequel It Starts With Us, that’s just as amazing and exciting to read.