DECO celebrates interns and achievements

Elizabeth Hadden, Staff Writer

On June 13, the school’s Danbury Early College Opportunity program honored students at an Internship Exposition and Celebration of Academic Achievement. Students who completed 30-40 hours of on-the-job experience in business fields including customer service, marketing, data analysis, research, and graphics art were celebrated for their internships. These students include:

  • Sebastian Arreola- Ingersoll Automotive
  • Jenna Coladarci- United Way of Western CT
  • Maria Rita DeSouza- Dream House Realty
  • Kayla Downs- Sticker Book Publishing
  • Jerfrey Martinez- Acquireweb
  • Valentina Valencia- Ingersoll Automotive

Academic achievements were also celebrated at the event, held in the Tutoring Center and attended by area business people, Sal Pascarella, superintendent, Principal Dan Donovan, and Sarah Roy, head of the DECO program, among others.

Honored were Lucio Bellantoni, Gabriel Campos, Theodore Hodgdon, Endy Macancela, Jerfrey Martinez, and Katherine Naulaguari, who earned more than 15 Credits with GPAs over 3.5. Francis Sanchez and Tyler Vittorini earned more than 30 Credits with GPAs over 3.0. Gabriela Galarza, Hannah Hodgdon, Storm Jacobs, Luke Lefflbine, and Adriana Salazar earned a 98 percent or higher for Semester 2 in the Intro to Computers course.