Adult Knowledge Flex Extension


This informational flyer gives a brief overview of the flex extension.

Zac-Richard Akuamoa, Staff Writer

Earlier this school year, DHS Science Teacher Adam James, created the Adult Knowledge flex extension. This flex extension provides general information about things students will have to know about or do in the future. Topics like insurance, taxes, and interviews are just some of the things covered during weekly meetings.

“The Adult Knowledge flex extension started as a result of a student complaining in my class.” Says James. “ The student complained that they weren’t learning anything useful in school. So I asked, well what do you think you should be learning about?”

From there, James then posed the question to all of his classes and to his Facebook friends. “The idea for adult knowledge was kind of born out of that just all those things that aren’t specifically taught in high school, but are actually really helpful and useful to know.”

James says that students enjoy being in the flex and that the feedback he receives is positive. “ The best sessions become a conversation and a seminar. Students feel like the topics we discuss are as useful as they are informative.”

James hopes that students share the information they learn with their friends and that the flex continues to grow.

For anyone interested in joining the Adult Knowledge Remind, text @adknow to 81010.