Boys Basketball Season Recap


DHS welcomes 22 new staff members to the Hatter family!

Zac-Richard Akuamoa, Staff Writer.

 2019-2020 Roster

Kevin Vidmar  11  6-2   
Steven Gonzales  12  6-3   
Yeshaia Floyd  11  5-8   
Nick Smith  10  6-2   
10  Jaden Cook  12  6-1   
11  Darin Rodriguez  11  6-3   
12  Carlos Alvarez  12  5-11   
15  Christian Nalbation  11  6-4   
20  Artez Taft  10  5-11   
21  Cushan Perkins  5-7   
22  Ja’Shon Little  10  6-4   
24  Isaiah Easter  12  6-4   
24  Christian Jeffers  6-3   
30  Basel Kassem  12  6-4   
35  Jah Joyner  12  6-5   


Key Stats

  • Finished 8-12( 4-12 ) in FCIAC play
  • Finished 7th in FCIAC Western Division
  • Points:  Jaden Cook 14 ppg  Kevin Vidmar 11.2 ppg
  • Rebounds:  Jah Joyner 141  Steven Gonzalez 98
  • Assists:  Jaden Cook 62  Kevin Vidmar 47
  • Steals:  Kevin Vidmar 36 Steven Gonzalez 29
  • Blocks:  Jah Joyner 27  Isaiah Easter 14

After a tough 2019-2020 basketball season, the Hatters look to the future. The team started off strong, on a four game winning streak which included wins over crosstown rival Immaculate and in the championship game against fellow rival Bethel in the News Times Tip Off Classic. Things were looking up for the Hatters, but they went on a nine game losing streak with close losses to FCIAC foes Westhill (50-52) and Greenwich(39-41). On a positive note, the Hatters battled back to win four out of their last six, including a 65-59 victory over Stamford on Senior Night.

Senior point guard Jaden Cook led the way in scoring and assists for the Hatters, scoring an average 14 points per game and 3.1 assists per night.  Senior center Jah Joyner was the team’s leader on the boards and in rejections, grabbing 7.05 rebounds a game and recording a total of 27 blocks. Junior guard Kevin Vidmar led the team in steals, swiping the ball from opponents a total of 36 times throughout the whole season.

Head Coach Casey Bock noted that he was ¨proud of how his team persevered and stayed together¨ during the tough parts of the season. ¨ I can’t wait until next season.¨ Says Bock. ¨We’re definitely looking to get back to the FCIAC playoffs.¨ Bock also made note that rising seniors Kevin Vidmar, Darin Rodriguez, Christian Nalbation, as well as rising juniors Nick Smith and Artez Taft will be playing a big role next season.