DHS to implement new distance learning schedule

Zac-Richard Akuamoa, Staff Writer

Earlier this week, DHS Principal Dan Donovan announced a change to the distance learning schedule. Starting on Monday, May 11th, DHS will follow a four day online school schedule. 

The schedule will function as follows:

Mon – A day – Assignments due – 11:59 PM Wednesday

Tuesday – B day – Assignments Due -11:59 PM Thursday

Wednesday  – Work Day – Office hours can be held, teachers will be available, no synchronous whole class instruction

Thursday – A Day – Assignments due – 11:59 PM  Sunday

Friday – B day – Assignments due – 11:59  Monday

The previous schedule consisted of alternating A and B days throughout the school week.

Senior Enumaah Dadzie thinks that this new schedule “will prove to be more efficient.” “I’ve heard a lot of kids are having a difficult time transitioning to online school and are finding it hard  to finish all their work with the [regular schedule],” she added.

Sophomore Scott Gersten finds this schedule “more organized” and thinks that he and his peers will “be less overworked.”

Junior Luka Santos shared a similar sentiment. “[The new schedule] gives us a chance to recover,” he added.

“We received feedback on workloads from students and staff and are trying to be responsive,” says Associate Principal Meghan Martins. Martins believes that students and teachers will “adjust well [to the new schedule] since it gives everyone an extra day to complete work.”