Gabe Kwarteng commits to UMass

Michael Morrell, Photography Editor

“Whether it was picking me up from those day long track meets….or getting me the new pair of trainers I needed,” Kwarteng said when reflecting on his Mom’s influence. Gabriel also gave thanks to the man that was there every step of the way: Coach Murray. Murray is the head coach of the track and field team along with the cross country team. Kwarteng referred to him as the man that “helped push me to get the best out of myself.” As his high school journey was coming to an end, Gabriel had to make a choice to either stay on the track or to leave it behind and focus on his academics. However, the University of Massachusetts- Amherst got his attention, and ultimately convinced him to keep running and join their college team. The school struck his interest and he “felt that [he] found a coach and a group of guys that [he] connected with and will hopefully help [him] push [himself] to another level.” 

However future teammates can never replace the old one and the incredible first accomplishments. Reflecting on his accomplishments, Kwarteng said,  “from winning FCIACs to qualifying for nationals, we’ve achieved various things together.” 

Gabriel is very thankful for these groups of people that have started his journey and ultimately opened up a new door that was unimaginable to Gabriel just a few short years ago.   The future for Gabriel certainly looks bright and he is “excited about the future and grateful for the opportunity.”

 It is certainly a remarkable story coming from a lifelong soccer fan to an excellent runner hoping to use his gifts to succeed at a higher level.