2021 Championship Weekend Preview


Aidan Garvey, Sports editor

Another wild Divisional Weekend has past NFL fans, and now only four teams remain in the race for the Lombardi Trophy. The remaining contenders consist of the Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Buffalo Bills, and Kansas City Chiefs. Both games will take place on Jan. 24. Two matchups on Sunday will decide who will travel to Tampa Bay on Feb. 7, to compete for Super Bowl LV.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Green Bay Packers | 3:05 PM ET | (-3.5 GB)

Tampa Bay

Tom Brady, in his infinite playoff experience, took down fellow veteran quarterback Drew Brees last weekend. Now, Brady will travel to Green Bay to battle against NFL MVP candidate Aaron Rodgers. Brady showed his haters that he can still throw the ball with the best of them in the divisional round, passing for 2 touchdowns and 199 yards. Let’s not forget Tom running for another touchdown himself. Brady has changed the culture in Tampa Bay this year, recruiting big names like Rob Gronkowski, and Antonio Brown to join him in Florida. However, Brady’s 7th ranked NFL offense will have to show up to outscore the fantastic offense that Green Bay possesses in return. In terms of defense, Tampa has been nothing short of great this year, finishing 6th in YPG (yards per game) allowed. They will be the key on Sunday for a chance to bring Tom Brady back to the Super Bowl. 

Green Bay

Aaron Rodgers, while not as much postseason success, has blown the NFL out of the water this season. He ranks first among NFL quarterbacks in touchdown passes, completion percentage, and quarterback rating. This star-studded man has made Green Bay his home since 2005, and only has one Super Bowl ring to show for it. Rodgers will look to star receiver Davante Adams, who leads the NFL with 18 touchdowns, and running back Aaron Jones, who ranks 4th in rushing yards with 1,104. Green Bay’s 5th ranked offense ran a clinic against Los Angeles’ 1st ranked defense, resulting in 32 points scored.Green Bay’s defense isn’t as excellent as Tampa’s, however they do rank 9th in the NFL, which is nothing to scoff at. Both units will have to work together in order to take down Brady and the Bucs, as they have steamrolled the competition so far this postseason.


Given the high ranking of both team’s offense and defense, it is nearly impossible to choose a winner. However, Green Bay is favored to win by a slim margin. The game will definitely be close, with big plays on both sides of the ball. But don’t be surprised if Brady and the Bucs come out on top as underdogs once again.

Buffalo Bills @ Kansas City Chiefs | 6:40 PM ET | (-3 KC)


Josh Allen, in his third season with Buffalo, has been outstanding. The young quarterback out of Wyoming posted a 37 touchdown season, solidifying that last season’s success was not a fluke. Allen is joined by many receiving threats such as Stefon Diggs, Cole Beasley, John Brown, and Dawson Knox. This crew resulted in Buffalo ranked 3rd in the NFL while passing the ball. The Bills were the second most successful offense this season, with a total of 396.4 yards per game. Their defense ranks in the middle of the pack, placing 14th in yards per game allowed. This defense will be the one concern for the Bills as they face the number 1 offense in the NFL…  Kansas City.

Kansas City

Kansas City, the defending Super Bowl Champions, number one NFL offense. Led by the highest paid player in NFL history in Patrick Mahomes, and legendary coach Andy Reid. The Chiefs have quite the resumé, which results in fear with all of their opponents. Patrick Mahomes is presumptuously the best player in the NFL right now, complemented by big tight end Travis Kelce, and speedy receiver Tyreek Hill. The Chiefs offense has been nothing short of dominant this past year, averaging 415 yards per game. However like Buffalo, it is their defense that causes concerns. Kansas City’s defense ranks even lower than Buffalo’s at 16th. Which could open a door for an upset. The big question mark lies in Patrick Mahomes. The star quarterback left the game early in the 3rd quarter in the Divisional Round, allowing for a nearly fatal Brown’s comeback. Backup quarterback Chad Henne stepped in and got the Chiefs past the Brown’s final surge. However, his stat line was nothing to behold, passing for only 66 yards and one interception. Mahomes’ absence would be a major blow towards Kansas City’s victory chances.


Two great offenses, two mediocre defenses, a recipe for a high scoring and entertaining game. Two great young quarterbacks, two great receiving cores, two great head coaches. Viewers can expect a high scoring affair with very little defensive action.