Class of 2021 gets opportunity to attend senior prom


Viktoria Wulff-Andersen

Senior prom will take place on May 28th from 7 pm to midnight. Tickets will be sold for $80 from April 29 to May 7.

Viktoria Wulff-Andersen, Editor-in-Chief

It nearly seemed as if the Class of 2021 would be one of the first graduating classes in DHS history to lack a prom. With the cancellation of junior prom last year due to quarantine and the majority of this school year taking place at home, the possibility of an ordinary prom event seemed null.

The Class of 2021 Advisors Nicole Gurney and Emina Mesanovic – collaborating with the PTO – worked diligently to ensure a senior prom would be hosted. “It has always been our intention to host a senior prom if possible,” Mesanovic claimed. The vaccination of the senior class and the lessening of COVID-19 restrictions allowed Mesanovic and Gurney to fulfill their intentions. 

This year’s prom will take place in the Amber Room (1 Stacey Road, Danbury, CT) on May 28th from 7 pm to 12 am. Gurney and Mesanovic both assure that the reception site is working with the Danbury Health Department to ensure that the event will follow “CDC recommendations for social distancing and safety precautions [through] reduced capacity, sanitation stations, outdoor tents, and designated seating.” Students will be required to wear a mask as another health precaution. 

While the DJ and the venue have been reserved, the advisors desired student input for all other facets of the event. The senior class officers and their peers are currently hosting meetings to determine the menu, decorations, and more. The theme will be voted on by the senior body during a Wednesday FLEX. 

Class President Nicholas Attina recognizes the importance of his prom contributions. “Although prom doesn’t have the same rules and regulations as previous years, it’s still a great senior activity. For many students, it’s going to be the last time they did something big in high school before graduating,” he expressed. 

A poll conducted by Gurney and Mesanovic displayed that seniors overwhelmingly wanted to attend a prom. Nilaja Kariamu explained the reason behind sharing such a response, saying, “Seeing prom in movies and tv shows has made me always wish to have a prom of my own someday. With COVID, I thought we were going to miss out on that experience, but there is still an opportunity for us to have prom – one of the last main events of high school.” 

Prom tickets will be sold at the front of the DHS building beginning on Apr. 29 and concluding on May 7 from 11:15 am to 2:30 pm. The cost is $80. Seniors will be prioritized for tickets, but underclassmen and outside dates may be able to purchase tickets if they are available.

“My final say in it is that if you have the opportunity, go and have a great time,” Attina concludes.