DHS changes schedule for first time since ’18-19


Nia Sterling

This shows the updated bell schedule for the ’21-’22 school year.

Nia Sterling, Staff Writer

Danbury High School changes the schedule as the students return back to  fully in person learning for the 2021-2022 school year.

DHS tirelessly attempts to uphold the mission statement: “ Danbury High School strives to educate all students at the highest level to ensure success and productivity in post-secondary learning and training.” 

They  instituted a new schedule into the community as they ensure the productivity aspect of their mission statement. Their new schedule took many students by surprise because the schedule had not been changed since 2018 when block scheduling began.  

The schedule previously consisted of three blocks that were approximately 85 min and rotated every other day and a “skinny” fourth block that was the same each day, but only 40 min. However, the new schedule has four rotating blocks, so now all classes operate on a two-day rotating schedule. In other words, students do not have the same classes on back-to-back days and each class is  approximately 74 minutes. The skinny block was replaced with a full-length fourth block, so now students have separate 4A and 4B classes. This new schedule also adds homeroom. Homeroom is a 15 minute section of the third block where teachers show their class the student announcements each day and help their students schedule flex. 

There has been much speculation about the reason for the schedule change. However,  assistant principal Meghan Martins explained the reason for the schedule change in more depth. 

“The more blocks we offer, the more opportunity we are offering our students. If you can take 8 classes over the course of four years then you have 32 possibilities[in the 2021-20022 schedule] as opposed to 28 possibilities [in the 2018-2019 schedule]. The biggest reason [for this change] is to increase the number of ways that a student can earn credit.”

The schedule change has been very beneficial to many students and teachers. Math teacher Nicole Cornelio likes the fact that it gives kids an “extra opportunity to get classwork done.” 

Senior Nerissa Begglo attested  her feelings toward the schedule change:“At first, I thought it was a temporary change and saw it as pointless. As school continued, the change became second nature and has since grown on me.”

It is currently unknown if this schedule will continue for next school year.