New advantages and lost trust: ‘Survivor 41’ episode 5


Mackenzie Gentile, Staff Writer

*Contains spoilers of episode 5*

Recap: In the last episode of Survivor we saw a reward challenge and the yellow tribe becoming more advanced when it comes into challenges. Every new episode, we see the tribes starting to grow stronger bonds and finding out who to trust and who is just playing the game. 

Summary: In this week’s episode, we saw a little bit of betrayal in the green tribe and saw some miscommunication happen during the episode. Tribes are starting to prepare for the merge that should come on

Since the yellow tribe won the challenge, they were able to acquire a big tarp for their camp and  they got to choose two people to send on a journey to “Shipwheel Island.” Liana and Shan were the ones chosen to go on this journey together. Leading up to making their decision they started to connect and shared some personal stories about one another. During this journey they knew that they were going to make a decision on whether or not they could protect or risk their vote. On their way up the mountain, they were able to connect with each other and they made an alliance before the merge that is coming up. Shan wanted Liana to go back to her tribe with something since Xander has the idol and the advantage, so they came up with a plan in order for her to go back to the camp with an advantage. 

The advantage entails Liana being able to steal anyone’s idol or advantages without them saying anything about it. They are not allowed to lie to her or try and get out of it, if they do say yes and tell her they have an idol or advantage she is allowed to steal it. With the advantage, she could potentially steal Xander’s idol and advantages and he is not allowed to lie if he has one. This can make or break the “trust” that the yellow tribe believes that they have with each other. By Liana having this advantage, she can either have all of the power in the group to kick out Xander, like they wanted, since the beginning. The girls in the yellow tribe are still trying to find a way to get Xander out, and the only way they will be able to do this would be to throw a whole challenge. 

Analysis: I believe that what the yellow tribe is doing is all wrong. They aren’t thinking about the power and strength that Xander holds with him having both the advantage and the idol. Each tribe is basing their tribal council on who they like and not who can get them to the end. The only tribe that is doing that is the green tribe. Shan and Ricard are the last two people that have thought about this as who would be able to get each other to the end.