‘The Flash’ returns Tuesday on The CW


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‘The Flash’ 5 episode crossover called Armageddon.

Lydia Robards, Contributing Writer

The Flash is returning for its 8th season on Nov. 16th on the CW, with their biggest crossover yet called “Armageddon.” 

Armageddon is supposed to be their biggest and most anticipated one yet.  If you are wondering what a crossover is, well it is  when the current airing DC series come together to film a mini series. According to Screen Rant writer Nicholas Raymond, this new season will contain….. “ a DC Comics villain known as Despero (Tony Curran), Barry will have to work alongside heroes from Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, Black Lightning, and Supergirl in order to prevail.”  

In Armageddon, it is supposed to bring back characters from The Arrow (Mia Queen, Damien Darhk). It is shocking to see that these characters are back in the Arrowverse because these characters are from the show The Arrow, which aired its last episode on Jan. 28, 2020. In this crossover, we will also see The DC Legends (Ray Palmer), Bat Woman , Black lighting and Supergirls (Alex Danvers). A special guest star (Ryan Choi) from the last crossover “Crisis on Infinite Earths’ ‘ will also be joining this year’s Armageddon. If you have never watched The Flash, you can watch the first 7 seasons on Netflix. 

Remember, the new season begins on Monday, Nov. 16 on the CW.