‘Sister Act’ Preview

Lahela Rivera, Staff Writer

This year’s school play is a dramedy called Sister Act. Sister Act is a story about a young woman named Deloris Van Cartier. She is an aspiring singer from Philidelphia. Hoping to kick start her career, she auditions for her boyfriends’ nightclub, but sadly, she gets rejected. Out of feelings of hurt, she breaks up with the said boyfriend, but accidentally witnesses him kill one of his workers. She goes to tell the police and they put Deloris into hiding in a convent, a home for nuns, monks, and other religious people. 

“It’s full of a lot of laughter and people just coming together to have fun with one another” Zefania Benitez who plays Mary Patrick says.

Covid has been a minor hiccup for school productions. Sister Act is the first play that DHS has put on since 2019. The Sister Act cast has been able to help people bounce back from COVID times by getting involved in something new!. 

Caroline Stanton, who plays Sister Mary Irene, said: “Rehearsals have been very productive. Everybody is really good at what they do, we have gotten a lot done.”

Covid put a hold on the amount of rehearsal time that the cast has been able to engage in. Covid protocols, such as social distancing and the mask mandate, have impacted rehearsals by means of limiting vocals and rehearsing accurately through distance. With the mask mandates being lifted and COVID rates going down, the cast has gotten over the stressors of covid, Sister Act is looking to be a success. 

Benitez said “In the beginning, the masks definitely got in the way of being able to project” 

Principles of the cast

Harmony Reynoso-Reyes (Senior) as Deloris Van Cartier

Djanne Martinez (Senior) as  Curtis Jackson

Brandon Collado (Senior) as Eddie Souther

Charlotte Keefe (Junior) as Mother Superior

Curtis Rodriguez (Senior) as Monsignor O’Hara

Zefania Benitez (Sophomore) as Mary Patrick

Marissa Ward (Junior) as Mary Roberts 

Paz Moran (Senior) as Mary Lazarus

Aaliyah Frank (Sophomore) as Mary Martin of Tours

Zoe Newbold (Junior) as Mary Theresa

Jacob Beckley (Sophomore) as Joey

Manny Abrantes (Sophomore) as TJ 

Nicholas Rocha (Sophomore)  as Pablo


Viewers should look forward to the immense humor and energy that these characters will bring to the show. Each character has their own personality and has to get used to the shift in control in the convent. This story about love and finding your chosen family is one that connects to the audience.

The cast and crew have been working extremely hard on producing Sister Act and it will definitely be a show you won’t want to miss. Purchase tickets using this link. Opening night is March 31, 2022.