Meet Naidson Macedo and Wave Sound

Nicolly Cavalli, Photography Editor

Naidson Macedo, a senior here at Danbury High, known as one of the top center back defense players on the  school’s soccer team, is also a singer. Macedo has a band named Wave Sound, with former DHS students Pedro Almedia and Victor Santos. They also play with Lucas Michael and Lukas Costa. Michael is one of the guitarist and Costa is a bassist and singer.

Wave Sound has released their very own song called “Vou Mergulhar”, the song is available on Apple Music, Spotify and Youtube. 

“We had the same desires in our heart, [we also got along] because our musical identities are super identical” Macedo said (translated from Portuguese). To Almedia, “Dude, it’s really challenging, we started Wave Sound, as a mini project everyone has the same will and desire in their heart of loving people, having our feelings flowing throughout our music, our love for Jesus, our love for people flowing through the song. And we were with the same desires in our hearts, we united the passion of everyone [in the band] and dude to be Wave Sound and see Wave Sound is that, to love your neighbor, is to keep us united, it’s no matter what your belief is or what you don’t, we truly created Wave Sound to show love.” said Almedia (translated from Portuguese). 

The band states they have more music on the way: “We’re about to finish a song in the next weeks, and we’re planning a project for the next months. We want to work on an album with different styles of music” Macedo said. Wave Sound hasn’t only produced their own songs but they do covers as well. The band is a Brazilian and American band covering many songs in both Portuguese and in English. They have covered many songs like “LION” by Elevation Worship.

 While learning more about the group we learn that Wave Sound is a worship band. Their style of worship music is  unnamed but they include heavy drums with guitar solos. Their  song that gets you shaking your head to the beat of the song. Their song reflects that. They strive to create catchy songs that truly get you vibing with them. 

“We don’t have ‘style’, we play different styles, songs that have a quicker tempo or a slower tempo, songs with many instruments or songs that are just acapella, it depends on the season I’m living in” Macedo said.

Almedia gets into details of how the whole process of making and playing music and how that changes him and how it makes him feel, “Making music its my, how could I say this, it’s my hobby, it’s my happy moment, its where I take out my pains, it’s where I cool down, and it’s my way of showing how I feel, so much my worship to God to you know when your distressed, when i’m making music, I am able to be liberated, I can be happy and smile, I am able to feel a little lighter” Almedia said (translated from Portuguese). 

Getting to where Wave Sound is now was a process but they were able to fight through it. To them it was all worth it as their new music video now hit over 30 thousand views and it continues to grow. 

When talking to Macedo about how he was able to balance school, soccer (when in season) and having a band he replied: “It was hard, because I had no time to do both. Sometimes I got into conflicts with my bandmates and from the soccer team”.

In the end Macedo, Almeida, Michael, Costa and Santos are all close friends working together to do what they love, music.