Danbury High School Football Off to Historic Start


Jhonnyel Ramierz (64) lifts Asher Jones (33) into the air after a touchdown vs. New Britain. Image per – mg_sport_photography

Charlie Solimine, Staff Writer


The Danbury Hatters started off on a roll with a 2-0 record, rolling over Harding (0-2), Stamford (1-1), and previously this past Friday, New Britian (1-2). Danbury’s impressive beginning of the season is thanks to a stellar offense and defensive combo. 


Danbury put up a combined 122 points in those last 3 games and is looking for another win this Friday vs. St. Joe’s. Danbury’s 28-14 victory vs. New Britain made history. Danbury, for the first time in 20 years, started the season off 3-0; an important start in a very difficult FCIAC conference. 


This past Friday was not only a good game for the Danbury offense as a whole, it was a remarkable day for sophomore WR Asher Jones, who put up 2 receiving touchdowns from quarterback John Bardin, one being a 20-yard and the other being a 38-yard reception. These 2 touchdowns were Jones’s first-ever time finding the varsity endzone.

If Danbury’s heavy run/pass offense can continue to work efficiently, Coach Tieri and the Hatters will find themselves with high hopes later on this fall. Danbury will face a tough St. Joe’s team this Friday at home (9/30). Come support the Hatters in their efforts to become 4-0 on the season! 

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