Introducing DHS’ 2022-2023 Teacher of the Year: Ms. Teel!


Ms.Teel and her African American Literature class

Lilly Calipa, Staff Writer

Ms. Teel is an extremely passionate and caring English teacher who has now accomplished a major milestone. It was like a joy of no other for her to win Teacher of the Year. When asked if, in all honesty, she expected to win Teacher of the Year, she responded with “Never. Never was it a thought in my head. It is an amazing honor, but one that I’ve never thought of.” From the time she was very young she was always inspired to be a teacher. Going from teaching stuffed animals to teaching high school students, Ms.Teel’s career has taken off. 

Her love for not only teaching students, but truly supporting them through their high school years, contributed into her achievement. “I try to teach my students to have a voice and to use that voice to stand up in what they believe in.” For Ms.Teel, it is not only about the assignments or grading that matter, but instead, the ability to teach and give students the opportunity to share their emotions and experiences, especially through writing. 

Last spring, there was an award ceremony held at Broadview Middle School where each school presented their Teacher of the Year nominees. It was entirely a surprise for Ms.Teel to win. DHS’ Assistant Principal, Kris Davidson presented her with the award. DHS is extremely proud and fortunate to have such a supportive and hard working teacher like Ms.Teel.