Canada is on fire!


Photo Credit: AP News

Lucas Moura, Staff Writer

As the Canadian wildfires rage down South worsening the air quality all around, as of June 7th, 2023, New York City weather officials sent a severe weather alert until Friday, midnight. “Canada is on pace for its worst-ever year of wildfire destruction as warm and dry conditions are forecast to persist through to the end of the summer after an unprecedented start to the fire season, officials said on Monday”( There are massive wildfires throughout all Canadian provinces and territories. These Canadian wildfires can be attributed to climate change, as the ground is dry and the air becomes hot causing high intense pressure zones that make wildfires more likely to happen. Due to the sheer amount of wildfires, the amount of smoke from the wildfires started blowing over the US causing major cities and states to send various emergency weather alerts about the bad air quality. According to NBC News’ Denise Chow “air quality advisory was in effect for several regions of New York State on Tuesday.” The air quality is so poor that officials issued warnings against running, exercising, and even just being outside for too long can be unhealthy.