NHS Trivia Bowl raises money for Hatters’ Foundation


Shannon Ahearn

The winning team — Team Miscellaneou — at the 2016 NHS Trivia Bowl .

Jenna Coladarci, Correspondent

Could you name the 10 fastest land animals? Would you be able to explain the term, onychophagia? Could you rank the most popular AP course among DHS students to the least?

These are just a few of the trivia questions posed to faculty and student teams at this year’s NHS Trivia Bowl. At stake for first-and second-place: the much desired Bagelman and Dunkin Donuts gift cards.

Each team paid an entry fee, which was donated to The Hatters’ Foundation, a non-profit established this year to support projects not funded in the annual school budget.
NHS members Annie Smierciak and Matheus Alexandre revived the idea of the Trivia Bowl after many years of dormancy. “In the past the student versus teacher events have been really fun,” Alexandre said.

Elise Tobin, English teacher and NHS adviser, was pumped on the day of the event. “It will be fantastic,” she said. “People are very excited.”

Hyperbole? No. It was a rambunctious, competitive, and at times obnoxious, bunch that comprised seven teams in the hallowed halls of the Seminar Room / Tutoring Center / Professional Development Venue / Co-Teacher Planning Room.

Like The Hunger Games, a raffle was held in between rounds in which two competitors were selected to fiercely battle it out in a match of Rock’em Sock’em Robots. The winner (it usually took one uppercut to knock the opponent’s block off) then won the much coveted raffle prize.

Questions ranged from typical trivia — “Name the second biggest ocean in the world” and “Name the Latin word for snake,” to the bizarre, such as having to identify photos of celebrities. OK, so that’s not so bizzare but Tobin including a picture of herself, when she was a kid, in a Santa hat, was a stumper for most teams.

         Before Tobin rang the bell to get the rounds started, student competitors said they were excited about the Trivia Bowl.

“This sounds fun. Whenever I play Jeopardy in class, I like to participate,” said Mikaela Russell.

      Rachel Diome added, “I get to experience what National Honor Society is about.”

   And Kevin Krohmer, NHS vice president, said, “It’s a good opportunity for the school community to come together.”

         Top finishers were Team Miscellaneous, which included Aryn Storrs, Melissa Teel, Jana John, Tom Agnes, Farah Borges and Tom Ross; Trivia Crackheads, which included Krohmer, Kevin Murphy, Kendra Beaver, Meghan Ferris and Katie Clark; and Team #Hot15, which included Amanda Reino, Caroline Decarvalho, James Van Tronk, R.J. Radcliffe, and Rose Schewe.