Editorial: Congratulations to our winter sports teams

Winter athletes bring home the titles and trophies


Dan Donovan

A collection of some of the trophies won by our winter athletes. Principal Dan Donovan shared this photo on Twitter.

As the spring sports season is about to start, we would be remiss not to give a shout out to our winter athletes, coaches and staffs and the Athletic Department as a whole.

What a winter, as teams brought more than 15 titles home to our already stacked trophy cases. It was nothing less than a stellar season for our winter teams.

The wrestling, cheerleading, boys’ track & field and girls track & field teams all won titles. Although the boys’ and girls’ varsity basketball teams didn’t win a title, both had successful seasons and qualified for conference and state playoffs.

Our boys play hockey for the tri-team BBD Icecats, and they too made it to the state playoffs. Individuals were also honored along the way.

With passion and hearts taking over when bodies got tired, the genuine determination of each and every one of these athletes played a huge role in achieving the many accomplishments this season.

Each of the coaches are committed and devoted to their respective teams, which gives a definite boost to reaching the goals set at the beginning of the season. Many of them have also been honored for their efforts this season.

And kudos to Athletics Director Chip Salvestrini, whose guidance and management of the department played a part in the successful season.

With such a great season to reflect on, we’re are now hoping the upcoming spring season produces the same kind of excitement and wins.

Some of the winter season highlights, provided by the Athletics Department:

Cheerleading, Coach Joann Tatarzycki: FCIAC Grand Champion, Quinnipiac Cheer Challenge Grand Champion,  Watertown Cheer Fest Champions, State LL Champion, State LL Open Champion-CT State Team of the Year, 5th place finish New England Championships.

Boys’ Track & Field, Coach Rob Murray: FCIAC Western Division Champion, FCIAC Champion, State LL Champion, State Open Champion.

Girls’ Track & Field, Nick Fraticelli: FCIAC Western Division Champion, FCIAC Champion, State LL Champion, State Open Runner Up.

Wrestling, Coach Ricky Shook: FCIAC Western Division Champion, FCIAC Champion, State LL Champion, State Open Champion, New England Champion-CT State Team of the Year.