Dorsch showcases swinging improvement on the links

Scotland play helps hone skills


Rob Dorsch

Junior Payton Dorsch, captain of the Girls’ Golf team and No. 1 seed, plays the links in Scotland to help sharpen her skills.

Katie Walsh, Staff Writer

Since freshman year, junior Payton Dorsch has dropped about 15-20 strokes from her golf game, becoming this year the school’s top-seeded girls golfer, and team captain.

Dorsch practices six days a week throughout the summer and high school season. Last summer she golfed almost every day. She aspires to always “be the best [she] can be.”

Kathy Boucher, head coach of the girls’ golf team, acknowledges Dorsch’s hard work and effort stating that, “She’s taken lessons from the professional (Brian Lamberti) at Richter and practices what he says. She constantly plays on the weekends or is practicing on her own.”

Boucher added that Dorsch has a great attitude in that she “plays year round because she wants to play.”

Dorsch recently visited St. Andrews, Scotland, which is the birthplace of golf, to play on its courses. She commented that it was an awesome experience and “completely different to what I’m used to.”  Boucher said, “It’s awesome that she went to the birthplace of golf. I’m jealous” of her experience.

Boucher foresees a bright future for her, stating, “I hope she plays in college because she could have a successful college career. She’s just so dedicated.”

This summer Dorsch is planning to compete in multiple tournaments and continuing to improve her game in order to always put forth the best performance possible.

Dorsch has shown her ability to handle the pressure of the sport.  In high school golf, five players compete in a match, but only the top four players’ scores count.  Last year the team counted everyone of Dorsch’s scores, an impressive accomplishment, especially as there were four seniors on the team.  Dorsch “tries to stay focused and stay calm under pressure because if I start to stress out, I’ll get nervous.”

She has the athletic ability, commitment to the sport and experience to be a true leader.  As team captain, she is a role model and mentor to her teammates.   Boucher says, “She’s the best player on the team, and is like an assistant coach. I can trust her to work with younger players to expand her knowledge of the sport.”

Boucher hopes Dorsch “never gives up on herself or the team. Hopefully her commitment will be contagious and the other girls on the team will put in as much as effort as she is.”

Last season the team finished No. 2 in the state. Boucher admits last season’s accomplishment, “[is] going be tough to repeat,[however the team will make improvements with her as the leader.”