9 athletes sign to play college sports

The 9 athlete signees stand together for a picture.

Katie Walsh, Editor in Chief

Coaches, Parents, Administration and Media were gathered around to watch 9 incredible athletes sign to play their respective sport in college. The small ceremony was led off by Athletic Director, Chip Salvestrini and Associate Principal, Meghan Martins. These are the athletes and their respective schools:

Jordan Brown – Western Connecticut – Basketball

Catherine Costa – Western Connecticut – Field Hockey

Aryanna DaSilva – Urbana – Acro & Tumbling

Soloman James – Plymouth State – Football

Megan Mercer – Southern Connecticut – Volleyball

David Mollenthiel – Post – Soccer

Leah Sarkisan – Davidson – Track & Field

Olivia Turk – Springfield – Cross-Country, Track & Field

Samantha Vasquez – Central Connecticut – Track & Field