Gay-Straight Alliance’s “Night of the Living Dead”

Movie night snacks will be provided.

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Movie night snacks will be provided.

Abigail Craig, Co Editor-In-Chief

The Halloween Festivities have begun and are in full swing around Danbury High School. The Gay-Straight Alliance Club will be holding a Halloween “Night of the Living Dead” event this Friday. 

Friday’s event will be GSA’s “first movie night; featuring the ghoulish zombies in the original ‘Night of the Living Dead’,” says Kimberly D’Auria Family and Consumer Science teacher and director of the Diversity Council – GSA. 

The movie night will begin at approximately 6:30 pm and will end at 8:30 pm. Students will also be provided with “bake sale [items], apple cider” and many other snacks, shares D’Auria. Allergy information and vegan options will also be provided.

Friday’s ghoulish night of horrors will take place in the DHS auditorium and is open to all students with a $5 ticket fee.

This $5 ticket fee will be in support of GSA’s “annual conference in March to True Colors at UCONN,” informs D’Auria. The GSA club is in need of funding for their annual UCONN trip this year due to the fact that “[they] are on the opposite side of the state,” therefore, “the school bus travel is costly.”

Posters are being spread throughout the school about this Friday’s event on bright orange flyers. All students are encouraged to attend this year’s “Night of the Living Dead” movie night. Feel free to bring family as well. 

Tickets are available in front of the auditorium as well as in Ms. D’Auria’s room located in D278.