Social media becomes a positive outlet and way of connecting for those in quarantine


Abigail Craig

Teen Leadership health Council members spread positivity by posting pictures of chalk art on their social media.

Abigail Craig, Co Editor-In-Chief

Living in the 21st century, social media and the internet as a whole has taken over the lives of many while in quarantine. Social distancing from others has made teenagers across the globe share their insanity and happiness on all platforms of the internet.

Ranging from friends and family to well known celebrities, people from all across the globe are on social media these days and are using it in hopes of spreading positivity. 

Of course, for the class of 2020, whether it be college students or high school students, people are having to miss out on some of what are meant to be the most memorable experiences of their lives. With graduations being cancelled and/or rescheduled, role models such as First lady Michelle Obama are taking matters into their own hands and organizing their very own graduation events. 

Obama and her husband, former President Barack Obama, will be holding their very own national graduation celebration “Dear Class of 2020” on June 6 on YouTube with “special appearances” and “commencement speakers”. Speakers will include former President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama herself, BTS, Lady Gaga, Malala Yousafzai, and many more. In addition, special appearances will include people such as Alicia Keys, Zendaya, Dude Perfect, etc. People can RSVP now.

As for how celebrities have been using their online presence for good thus far, there have been endless livestream concerts on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Lead singer of Coldplay Chris Martin was one of the very first to put on a live concert and kick off the trend. 

Similarly, although a famous singer and actor, Miley Cyrus has been putting on her very own Instagram Live Shows called Bright Minded with special guests every weekday and a theme for every week. A few of the most popular guests she has had include Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and medical workers fighting against the Coronavirus. 

Local citizens are also posting on social media in hopes of spreading some positivity. A handful of DHS Seniors have recently posted a TikTok video on the Class of 2020’s Twitter account sharing which colleges they will be attending in the upcoming Fall. 

Senior Maddie Dube was in the video and will be attending the University of Rhode Island where she will major in Kinesiology. “I think this video [will] have a positive impact [on the community] because we [will] be able to show everyone how our hard work has paid off in the end,” shares Dube.

Not only that, but social media has also been able to “give people an outlet to reflect on their high school experiences” for themselves.

Agreeing with Dube, Senior Meille Kry, who will be attending Cornell University in the fall for Track and Field, hopes that the video will spread positivity within the community “by showing that [they’re] making the best of the situation at hand.” Acknowledging that all students have had to make sacrifices to an extent, Kry does believe that “Seniors lost a lot of memorable events that come with the last few months of high school” and “If [Seniors] can lose so many things within the course of a few months and still remain optimistic for the future, than others can too.”

On a wider scale, however, Kry highlights the fact that no matter where you are in the world or how old you may be, there is always something positive on social media for you these days. After being in quarantine for a couple months now, Kry has noticed that “everywhere you look, there’s workouts and cooking videos/challenges” for people to try. “It’s really encouraged people to take advantage of the situation at hand.”

Another student involved in the Class of 2020 TikTok was Senior Allyson Spooner. Spooner will be attending Springfield College this Fall where she will be majoring in Athletic Training and has been grateful for the ability to use social media throughout this pandemic. “It’s really allowed us to come together while being apart,” says Spooner. “I can easily hop on social media and text my friends to check in with them and connect just like normal!”

One way in which Spooner has been contributing to spreading positivity through social media is by posting her very own chalk art. Spooner is not only Vice President, but also an active member of the Teen Leadership Health Council who recently held a Chalk Walk movement last month in April. Through TLHC’s social media accounts, they were able to encourage members of their club and community to leave positive messages on their driveways, sidewalks, and streets using chalk.

To add on, one thing that Spooner loves the most about social media is that both “celebrities and regular people can spread positive messages to those isolated in their home who may not really have anyone else.”

Whether it be through posting videos, pictures, live streaming, or even simply FaceTiming friends and family, social media has been there for almost everyone in these dark times, making connecting with those you love just that much easier.