Ben Laham’s review of “Wonder Woman 84”

Ben Laham, Staff Writer

WW84 is the newest installment in the DC franchise, and more specifically the Wonder Woman Franchise. After the first film was a hit back in 2017, the next installment had quite a lot to live up to. However, unfortunately, it was utterly lacking. While there were successful parts of the movie, there were too many unforgivable mistakes to be able to consider this film to be successful. 

First and foremost, the film completely deviated from what it was: a film derived from a comic book. It was far too long, and at many points it was much too steadily paced to the point where it became boring, with just too much intermediate dialogue; and when the action finally did resume, it was littered with extremely fake looking CGI. 

Moreover, the whole “dream stone” situation is extremely flawed and poorly written. The entire plot of the story focuses around this stone which acts as a “Monkey’s Paw,” which essentially means one can be granted a wish, but at the cost of something they hold dear to them. Maxwell Lord, a failed businessman, manipulates one of the characters in order to come into possession of the stone, and once he does, he absorbs it, essentially turning himself into a genie. He proceeds to wreak havoc across the globe by progressively taking over the oil industry, America and eventually the whole world by taking control of a broadcast system that broadcasts to the entire globe. There are a few issues with this: firstly, the way in which he did it was incredibly poorly written. He had to force people to say “I wish” in order for whatever they desired to come to pass. In no realistic way is this feasible at all, just a reflection of how poorly written the film is. 

This film conveyed how the greed of humanity can bring the world to its knees, given the right talisman. If executed properly, it could have been a great film. However, the prominent issue appeared to me at the end of the film when everybody began to renounce their wish. In absolutely no other universe would something like that be the case. It quite literally was a situation where someone wished for something, suffered the consequences, said “Never mind I take it back” and everything reverted back to normal. America and Russia were even ready to go to nuclear war with each other because the president wished for more nuclear warheads, but when he renounced his wish, they all just went away. It ruined anything good about the movie, and moreover taught a fallacious lesson in that one can simply wish their negative consequences away. 

Overall, this was a poorly written and executed film. Its only saving grace was the pristine acting of Chris Pine with his comedic delivery, being completely mesmerized by the 1980’s, which just went to show how much society had changed, and even then, it was still 40 years ago. However, there were just too many errors in the plot and cinematography for WW84 to be considered a viable film.