Jessmarie’s review of ‘All American’ Season 3


Screenshot by Jessmarie Delgado Lopez

Spencer James and Chris Jackson kneeling during a game.

Jessmarie Delgado Lopez, Staff Writer

*Contains slight spoilers*

In my opinion, All American Season 3 was an entertaining show to watch in your free time.

All American is a true story based on the life of Spencer Paysinger through the character of Spencer James, who comes from South Crenshaw, L.A. His hopes and dreams are involved in pursuing football and making it  to the big leagues and the All-American team. He found the opportunity to go to Beverly Hills High because of Billy Baker, a football coach, and got into a better school and environment to continue pursuing football. The show brings in drama, honestly, loyalty, and hard work as its main theme. 

In Season 3 of All American, it has more to do with the storyline and solving past conflicts that were left as a cliffhanger in Season 2. The show’s final episode also leaves at a cliffhanger where Coop’s music career is kicking off and Layla goes on the road with the past character, Carrie. Throughout the season, the show slowly reveals what really happened at Vegas over the summer and the lingering effect  it had on all characters. Secrets and confrontations are highlighted and exposed throughout this season like the huge decision between Jordan and Simone. For the football aspect of the show, it shows the changes both Beverly Hills High and South Crenshaw High had when there was a change in not only coaches, but teammates and principals. It leaves with both Crenshaw and Beverly having a game together after colliding into a physical fight before the stadium game. We are left with a cliffhanger afterwards. Asher is left with second chances at playing Beverly after he is caught with steroids, and failures when a sudden disease hits him. Spencer goes through a crisis between him and Coop as he goes to therapy and realizes his stresses are due to her; he also goes through many wins and losses both in gameplay and with his teammates, and starts drifting apart from Layla and getting closer to Olivia, who is battling her addiction once more, but now something other than pills. 


If the football aspect of the show is what you are looking forward to, you will be slightly disappointed. In this new season, it’s more focused on the characters’ lives rather than gameplays and rankings. Personally, I like looking into the characters’ lives and how they deal with situations. Overall it was an intense season as you see the drastic changes that happened compared to the season before that due to that weekend in Vegas. I liked seeing the developing friendships and the meanings to every decision. I also liked seeing improvements in one’s character, and the complications and fights that could be related to anyone in real life, whether that’s family, friends, or teammates. Don’t be too disappointed, there is still football involved. From Asher ranking up to becoming a player again, the changing gameplays and betrayals between both Crenshaw and Beverly. I did like this season as we were filled in with what was missing in the second season, and the theme of loyalty and family still presents itself in the show. Season 4 was said to possibly come out either this or next October on the 25th. Would I see you there?