2016-2017 Staff

Abby Martinez


It is my biggest regret not joining the Hatters Herald sooner. As I am a senior this year and it was clear to me that I really enjoy journalism overall. I love having the chance to write about people and events going on around the...

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Raquel Uchoa

Staff Writer

My interests include reading, traveling, and writing. I wanted to take this class to learn new ways of putting my love for writing to practice. This class has made me go beyond my comfort zone and reach new levels of writing out...

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Jazzlyn Torres

Staff Writer

I'm Jazzlyn and I am a sophomore here at DHS. I'm glad I decided to join the Journalism course as soon as I could. I have always been intrigued by the news and story-telling so there was no better class to take than Journalism. ...

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Naomi Thomas

Staff Writer

Ever since my first year attending Danbury High School, I eagerly waited for my junior year to begin so that I could take this class and join the Hatters' Herald.  I see being a staff writer for the Herald as an accomplishment...

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Katie Walsh

Staff Writer

As a junior, I decided to be a journalist for the Hatters’ Herald because I want to pursue a career in telecommunications/journalism. I’m thrilled to be able to write and contribute stories about the Hatters’ community....

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Meghan Edwards

Staff Writer

I’ve always loved writing and wanted to learn about this different writing style, which is why I decided to take Journalism I this year, my junior year. I’m so excited to start writing for the Hatters’ Herald and sharing the c...

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Hisham 'Jordan' Rushaidat

Staff Writer

I'm a junior and this is my first year at DHS. I have been interested in journalism ever since I was a little kid. I specifically have been, and am, passionate about sports journalism, writing about it whenever I had the time...

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Helena Trofa

Online Editor/Staff Writer

This is my junior year, but my interest in journalism began a year ago. My journalism interest was sparked by my sophomore English teacher and gradually grew. I am currently enrolled in Journalism I and hope to take Journalism I...

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Abby Martinez

Staff Writer

I regret not joining the Hatters' Herald sooner. I am a senior this year, and it's clear to me that I really enjoy practicing journalism. I love having the chance to write about people and events going on around the school and...

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Shannon Ahearn

Staff Writer

Last year as a freshman, I worked as staff photographer for the newspaper. This year I'm back as a sophomore and am excited to have my work published again. The main reason why I want to be a part of the Hatters' Herald is because...

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