2020 Fall Sports Preview


DHS unveils a new sign for its athletes on the side of the school in time for the fall season.

Viktoria Wulff-Andersen, Editor-in-Chief

All information provided is based on teacher questionnaire responses



Head Coach: Augustus Tieri

2019 Record: 5-4

Key Departures at Graduation: Jordan Agosto (Fitchburg State University), Malachi Hopkins (Southern Connecticut State University), Kile Jackson (Wagner College), Jah Joyner (University of Minnesota)

Captains: Daniel Donovan, Nicholas Smith

Key Players: Jackson Ciccone (quarterback), Johan De La Cruz (offensive line, defensive line), Daniel Donovan (linebacker, fullback, tight end), Patrick Rosetti (quarterback), Nicholas Smith (wide receiver, linebacker)

Season Expectations: The Hatters will unfortunately be missing out on a traditional fall football season this year after the CIAC’s announcement of cancellation in early September. Coach Tieri has been at the forefront of the movement to bring back fall football, maintaining that football “is a significant driving force” behind his player’s lives and that they are struggling “mentally and emotionally” because of it. Ending the summer with protests and petitions to save their season, Coach Tieri and his team are ready to “handle any adversity” that comes their way and are prepared to “execute whatever guidelines are put forth” to the best of their ability. As of now, the CIAC appears to be seriously considering a spring football season.



Head Coach: Antony Howard

2019 Record: 11-3-3

Key Departures at Graduation: Aidan Coleman (Georgia Institute of Technology), Jack Lyall (Virginia Tech), Reed Lyall (Fordham University), Joseph Mooney (University of Connecticut), Lucas Oliveira (Naugatuck Valley Community College), Tyler Warren (Northwestern University)

Captains: Matthew Aracena, Matthew Silva

Key Players: “The new players that make up the defense will be critical to our defense,” Howard claims.

Season Expectations: DHS Boy’s Soccer will be encountering a variety of challenges this year. Between having many of their star players graduate, receiving a completely new defense, and practicing and competing during a pandemic, Howard and his team need to be ready for whatever obstacle gets thrown at them this season. It seems this will be no challenge for the dedicated coach, who claimed that “practice has been going good and we are confident.”



Head Coach: Jessica Halas 

2019 Record: 6-8-2 

Key Departures at Graduation: Nicole Catarino, Olivia Demoura (University of Rhode Island), Erika Krohmer (Western Connecticut State University), Siara Pittman (University of Connecticut), Jessica Quieroz (University of Connecticut), Liliana Rodrigues (Bryant University)

Captains: Lexi Estanqueiro, Jenna Ferrandino, Jenna Silva, Lexi Silva

Key Players: Caroline Dickson (striker), Lexi Estanqueiro (striker), Jenna Ferrandino (goalkeeper), Mya Pellicone (center back), Lexi Silva (center mid)

Season Expectations: After failing to make it past the first round of the state tournament in losing to Cheshire in double overtime, the DHS Girls’ Soccer Team is looking for redemption this year. “My expectations are through the roof with this year’s team,” claims Coach Halas, who cites the new talent and leadership from seniors like Jenna Ferrandino as the reasoning behind her confidence in the team. With “practice and conditioning going great” and the “winning mentality” the team currently possesses, it seems the Lady Hatters will be ready to face Staples in their season opener.



Head Coach: Robert Murray

2019 Record: 14-1

Key Departures at Graduation: Aidan Byrne (Stonehill College), Eric Civitella (Central Connecticut State University), Jacob Hefele (Providence University), Dylan Rosemark (Rochester Polytechnic Institute, Jack Watson (Quinnipiac University)

Captains: Glenn Addotey, Damian Amaral, Payton Bock, Gabriel Kwarteng, Jared Zeiner

Key Players: Glenn Addotey (expected to be in the pack of 3-5 scoring varsity runners), Gabriel Kwarteng (expected number 1 runner), Steven Confesor (expected to be in the pack of 3-5 scoring varsity runners), Devon Rosemark (expected to be in the pack of 3-5 scoring varsity runners), Ryan Scappaticci (expected number 2 runner), Jared Zeiner (expected to be in the pack of 3-5 scoring varsity runners)

Season Expectations: Last year, the DHS Boy’s Cross Country team paced 13th in the New England XC Championships despite enduring a season of practice while the new DHS track was being constructed. This year, despite a global pandemic and all it entails, Coach Murray still maintains confidence in the performance of his team. “We expect to compete against the top teams of the league.” However, the circumstances of COVID-19 and its impacts on fall sports means that the team and Murray “take nothing for granted anymore,” ensuring to prepare for anything the season throws at them with “hard workouts” and conditioning.



Head Coach: Marsha Turek

Key Departures at Graduation: Valerie Fox (Springfield College), Sarah Johnson (Miami University), Meilee Kry (Cornell University), Caroline Williams (University of New Hampshire)



Head Coach: John MacMillan

2019 Record: 7-9

Key Departures at Graduation: Tanisha Cummingham, Mia Gregory (Springfield College), Abigail Gumpright (State University of New York at New Paltz), Emma Sullivan (University of Hartford), Caitlin Van Tronk (University of Connecticut)

Captains: Ryan Hicks, Isabella Roberts

Key Players: Kathleen Cummings (outside hitter), Ryan Hicks (outside hitter)

Season Expectations: After making through the first round of states and losing in a nail-biting 14-16 to the number four seed last year, MacMillan believes his team “gained a valuable experience” that will aid them in improving their performance this year. With two excellent outside hitters that are key to generating points and a solid defense, DHS Girl’s Volleyball has the “potential to compete with any team and are looking forward to playing matches.” All of the girls are committed to “working hard…pushing the first string to be the best they can be…and battling every practice and game” as they realize with COVID that every practice could be their last. MacMillan is confident his team will achieve “great success” with this mentality.



Head Coach: Michael Schuchat

2019 Record: No meets were won

Key Departures at Graduation: Samantha Lassen (Hartwick College), Jessica Posmantier (Northeastern University), Alycia Sweeney (Naugatuck Valley Community College)

Captains: Tanya D’Mello, Olivia Melendez, Priya Patel, Alexandra Simmons

Key Players: Tanya D’Mello, Olivia Melendez, Priya Patel, and Alexandra Simmon

Season Expectations: The Lady Hatter swimmers are facing limits to their practice this year. “We have lost the use of the home pool at WCSU and have been transplanted to the Brookfield YMCA with very limited pool time,” Schuchat said. While Schuchat acknowledges that these circumstances will make his team less prepared for the upcoming season, he also realizes that all teams “are enduring the same thing so we need to remain positive.” The swimming coach is confident that he and his captains can prepare the “younger and less-experienced girls” in developing the skills needed for competition and the mentality of putting forth one’s best effort.



Head Coach: Denise Brough

Captains: Stephanie Coehlo, Grace Dyckman, Harley Hodge, Brenda Melo