Spirit Week 2021


The Hatters’ Hooters Captains

Mackenzie Gentile and Cassandra Pinho

Danbury High School had their Spirit Week planned by the BOG the week of 10/25 through 10/29. This year’s spirit week was separate from the homecoming football game, which was on 10/16, because the BOG felt as though it would be more beneficial for students to have a full week of Spirit Week opposed to only three days.  All grades were able to participate in dressing up and enjoy the fun of planning their week with friends. Many students felt “Spirit Week was a lot of fun and [they] thought it was silly people didn’t participate” said Senior Cassandra Naber


Monday: Red, White, Blue

Red, White, and Blue Day was  a fun day where students could dress up in the corresponding colors. In addition, some people chose to dress in black to support the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Tuesday: Beach Day/Tacky Tourist

Tacky Tourist day was a new day that was added to spirit week this year. A bunch of students dressed up in Hawaiian shirts with leis and khaki shorts. It allowed people to dress up and not care about what other people thought about their outfits. Some students even took this day further by wearing floaties or bringing in beach chairs. It was fun to see what each student chose as their path for this day. Some also felt as though this was the hardest day as “creating outfits just wasn’t as fun” Senior Irelynn Janell said.


Wednesday: Decades Day – Freshman 50s’ – Sophomore 60s’ – Junior 70s’ – Senior 80s’ – Staff 90s’

Decades day was a throwback for all grades. Each class was able to participate by dressing up as a decade and collaborating with their friends. This allowed for not only the cute pictures but the fun in seeing the reactions of the other students. For some students “decades day was [their] favorite day” Senior Randy Ramirez said. It was almost like a competition of the classes to see which grade was best dressed. This allowed for students to “really get to show [their] personality” Janell said. 

Thursday: Class Color Day: Freshman –  Pink; Sophomore- Purple;  Junior- Green; Senior Black 

Every grade was assigned a color for class color day. This allowed students to participate with their friends and create outfits that coordinated with their color. Though the dress code is a thing, students were able to slightly bend the rules by wearing headbands and hats that corresponded with their day. This allowed for students to have a fun and enjoyable spirit week.

Friday: Orange and Blue Day

On Friday, the students showed their Hatter pride and wore school colors. The hallways were filled with orange and blue and mostly everyone was participating. Everyone showed their Hatter pride by wearing their hatters hooters shirts and other fun accessories like tutu’s high socks, face paint, and more. 


Coming back from COVID-19, many students felt as if this was a way to finally enjoy themselves in school. Some were disappointed that spirit week days they used to enjoy were missing. Twin day, character day, and even viral tik tok days, including bringing anything other than a backpack, were all popular amongst students in all grade levels. 

“What happened to the other days, like character day?” Ramirez said. Though some of the deemed classic spirit week days were missing it was still an enjoyable experience that brought smiles to everyone’s faces.