Betrayal at its finest: ‘Survivor 41’ episode 7


Screen shot by Mackenzie Gentile

On the way to tribal council

Mackenzie Gentile, Staff Writer

*Contains spoilers from episode 7*


Recap: All the three immunity idols have been unlocked and now they all have power. The three tribes have now merged and they left Erika with a decision to make. To either smash the hourglass to reverse what happened in the previous episode, but she contemplates whether or not to do it. 


Summary: Erika ended up “changing the course of history” and smashed the hourglass. So now the six no longer have immunity and the rest are safe. They will compete in the immunity challenge and one of the six will go home. Ricard was the one to win the immunity challenge and has a spot in the final 11. 

Everyone is conversing about who to vote out and they want to vote out Evvie because of how strategic she is. Xander, Tiff, and Evvie are all talking about if Evvie’s name is voted out, then Xander will play the idol for her. With Liana’s new advantage, she can take Xander or whoever’s idols/advantages without them being able to say no if they have it on them. Everyone is finding out about Liana’s advantage and Xander and Evvie want to make sure that they set up Liana into believing that Xander has the idol on him. 

During Tribal, a lot was said, feelings were hurt, and tricks were played. Liana decided to use her advantage on Xander, but Xander had made a fake idol to trick her and then gave the real idol to Tiff. When Xander and Evvie were talking about the idol during Tribal, they were basically saying that he was going to use his idol for her, so when Liana played her advantage she asked Xander for his, but Xander showed her his fake one that he was carrying. Everyone believes that Evvie has the idol now, but the one who really has it is Tiff. 

The 7th person to be voted out this season was Sydney. It did not come as a shock, even after she played her shot in the dark and wasn’t safe. Sydney was a strong player, but many of the others did not like the way she played the game because most of the time she was only looking out for herself. 


Analysis:  In this week’s episode, we saw a lot of different twists and turns that were taking place. Overall, I believe that in the past week’s episode we see many people’s trust getting broken. This is going to come and bite some people and be betrayed, but they will see it coming based on the way that the tribal council went. I am very curious to see what will happen in the next episode and how everything will turn out for the rest of the seasons.