Nicolly Cavalli’s review of ‘You’ Season 3 (TV-MA)


Nicolly Cavalli

The Quinn-Goldbergs are living a new life in the Suburbs

Nicolly Cavalli, Photography Editor

Through the show we notice changes from the seasons. The show, which originally  revolved around Joe Goldberg, who grew up in a bad habitat and grows up to be a compulsive stalker in a constant search for true love. He goes to any risk to ensure that his love is proved. 

In the second season he meets Love Quinn and realizes she’s just as crazy as him. Just as willing to go to any lengths possible to protect who she loves. By the end of the second season Joe is trapped in his own cage and sees the “evil” in Love. 

After convincing Love to release him he runs with a broken handcuff found in the cage he charges at Love. Love then drops a bombshell in hopes of saving her life; she is pregnant with Joe’s child. 

“[Joe] In the beginning of the season he was kinda like a stalker you know… in the last season he kinda stopped that in a way… he was at least trying to do what was right” stated by Kheiza Demario, a senior at Danbury High. Towards the end of the of the last episode of season 2 we have gotten a flash forward into the future and Love and Joe have moved to the California suburbs and Love is further along in her pregnancy and in the end of Joe monologue he finishes off saying that all of the traumatic events up to this point have led him to the perfect place to meet… “you,” the mysterious woman who lives on the other side of the fence.  

As we get into season 3 Joe is unhappy living in the suburbs and unhappy with his murderous wife. Joe finds his new obsession and once Love finds his box of the neighbors prized possessions and finds out he has kissed the neighbor and had almost gotten intimate. Love murders the neighbor in a blind rage. This sets the plot for the rest of the season.  Drake comments “It was unexpected…but they killed a bunch of people basically… can’t Love control her anger”

The hiding of the body and how to cover this “mistake” up and making sure no one finds out it was them. As we get closer to the end of the season, Joe finds a new obsession once more. He becomes dedicated to ensuring Love never finds out about Marienne. 

The last episode ends in tragedy. Joe finds out that Love killed her first husband and after confronting Love about it Henry begins crying while Love goes to calm him down Joe grabs the knife. Love comes down and notices the knife is gone and proceeds to tell Joe that she dosed the knife handle with aconite (wolfsbane). 

Marienne shows up and as Love was going to stab her, her daughter enters asking for a restroom. Love breaks out of her rage telling Marienne that Joe will never stop looking for her until she’s his and tells her to run and run as far away as she can. 

After she left,  Joe reveals to Love that he had assumed Love would attempt to harm him and he took adrenaline, causing the paralytic to pass over quicker. Joe then injects the aconite into Love’s arm, killing her. The season ends in France with Joe’s hunt for Marienne.

After watching the season I finished with mixed emotions. The season was truly a rollercoaster of emotions. Joe really agitated me throughout the show. Although both Joe and Love were flawed, Joe semi gaslit Love into believing he was truly in love with her. Throughout the entire season Joe was cheating on Love, first with Natalie, who met her unfortunate end and then later with Marienne while also lying to her (Marienne) about his “separation” with Love. 

Yes, Love was also flawed, also cheating on Joe with the 19-year-old next door neighbor, Theo, just after killing his step-mom, Natalie.  Yet, soon after realizing her mistake she began to semi set boundaries which soon led to his “accident.” Making it clear to Theo that she can’t be involved with him. 

Joe on the other hand pursued Marienne and made her his latest obsession. So much so, that it unfortunately ended the life of Love Quinn. 

“To be honest I expected it cause I knew he wanted to” said Senior Lucas Drake.. 

Their child, Henry Forty Quinn-Goldberg, was given to their friends Dante for Joe to search for Marienne for his “Happily Ever After.” 

I think that the season was interesting and I think for a very long awaited show the season could have been better. It was “very very interesting, chaotic but it’s You and you’re kinda used to that” says Demario.  Now I’m left wondering if there’s a new season coming. 

“Oh yeah [I would recommend it] but just not for people who get triggered easily” said  Demario.