For many Americans, this year’s winter holiday celebrations will return to normal

Jenna Saltzman, Contributing Writer

With vaccines out for everyone ages 5+ it is expected that in many households holiday celebrations will return to pre-pandemic normal. 

Compared to last year when holiday celebrations were held online or in very limited groups who needed to wear masks and social distance, this year people are not as nervous anymore about the covid spread. 

However, along with those who plan to celebrate as they would before this pandemic, a survey conducted by Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center found that “about half of Americans will ask their guests to wear masks”. 

As of now, 60% of the United States is fully vaccinated against Covid-19 giving medical professionals the confidence that it is way less likely for covid to surge this winter in a comparison to last year when vaccines were not available to the public. 

A poll was sent out to Danbury High School students asking them about how they plan on celebrating the upcoming winter holidays this year in comparison to how they did last year. The poll resulted in over 100 responses from students in grades 9-12

Many of the students questioned confirmed that when celebrating the winter holidays in 2020 they took many precautions that they feel are no longer needed during this year’s holidays. 

With that being said, last year  many people across the country celebrated only with the family they lived with, but this year people plan on slowly adjusting back to their normal holiday celebrations. 

Junior Jhonnyel Ramirez is one of many who confirmed this to be true for his family. 

“Over the years, I usually celebrated Christmas with multiple family members… but in 2020 due to the covid scare, we were limited to celebrating with our own close family.” Ramirez then went on to mention how he plans on seeing his extended family, unlike last year. 

38.4% of the students questioned answered that their guests would have to be fully vaccinated and/or wear a mask to attend the festivities; meanwhile, 58% stated that there would be no restrictions for their upcoming celebrations. 

“Ever since COVID happened, it just ended up feeling like any other day” Senior Vanesa Dominguez encourages people to be cautious when celebrating this upcoming holiday season believing that “The more we encourage people to be mindful, the better things will turn out in the end.”