Fashion Through the Eyes of DHS


Sophia Tharas , Journalist

Fashion can be described as styles of clothing and accessories worn at any given time by groups of people, but for some it’s much more than that. Fashion is a form of self expression and comfort. While interviewing students and teachers around Danbury High School, it became clear that fashion is very personal and has the ability to connect us all  more than we realize. Mrs. D’auria, Danbury High’s clothing and textile teacher, believes that fashion enables people to express themselves to the world. She said, “It’s the outer self-expression… it could be a political statement, a fashion statement or a gender statement. It’s very complex.”Students agreed, like Danbury High senior Aleksander Sljukic, “Yes I do use fashion to express myself, I like to show off more of a feministic side of me… with tighter clothes..tighter shirts and maybe a see through shirt.” When discussing current trends seen around Danbury High School, students said they favored people wearing feminine and gender norm defying clothing.

Senior Jamie Lynch stated that, “I want to see more smaller tops such as ‘wife beater tanks’ as well as baggy jeans, I like the silhouette it makes, I believe it caters to everyone.” When I asked Jamie if she prefers to dress up or down for school, Jamie expressed,“I prefer to dress in the middle, because I think there should be a nice medium between comfort and style.” Fashion most definitely affects one’s feeling throughout the day. Popular styles are typically either comfortable physically, allowing movement, or an extravagant outfit that may be physically uncomfortable but comforting to one psychologically. Fashion and style makes a person feel complete. Senior Lillian St. Jean, also expressed her feelings on honest comfortable styles, she replied with, “I want to see more of people just being authentic and not copying whatever they see online. They should express who they are as a person, being more unique and true to themselves.” Considering all this, the most current growing trend today in fashion is being able to express who you are. It is refreshing to see someone express themself, positivity has a domino effect. Through fashion we are all connected, we are able to tell our own stories, not through talking but through our very own style construct.