We need the day after Halloween off

Alicia Jacobs, Staff Writer

As the day of candy corn and goblins come to an end, everyone returns home past their bedtimes. Halloween, the holiday where everyone can dress up and enjoy a late night out trick-or-treating, only to be forced to prepare for a day of school and work.

Many are fighting to have Halloween officially moved to the weekend. However, rather than moving the holiday from it’s traditional date, it would be much better if everyone received the following day off.

Just like many other holidays, Halloween too, should deserve the following day off. Halloween is celebrated similarly to Christmas, New Years, and Thanksgiving, and therefore should be treated the same. Those aforementioned holidays are given the next day off, so why not Halloween? Students, teachers, and parents need a day off to recover from their long night of sugar high.

Sophomore Hannah Kwarteng felt that students deserve the day off “because they are typically extremely hyper due to excessive amounts of sugar intake…which always results in a sugar crash the following day… which renders children from performing to their full ability.” It is necessary to take this all into consideration and make sure the kids are ready and able to learn.

Senior Guilherme Gomes agrees that people should receive the day after Halloween off. “We love to have fun and go out and by having school it drains our mental energy to actually be able to learn and participate in school,” the Senior shared. Having school the next day, especially after a long night, drains students’ mental energy and affects their ability to learn and participate.

Senior Robert Ivansco also feels that school the next day is just another thing to stress about. “We are still young and shouldn’t have to worry about if [kids] can go out for Halloween, they should worry about if [kids] want to go out,” Ivansco explains.

Waking up at 5 am the next morning to sit in a classroom for hours isn’t ideal after a night of sugar-driven celebration. Just like Reena Wang and Jessica Feng said in their opinion piece, “Should we have school the day after Halloween?”for Tj Today, “On a normal school day, many students already find it hard to stay awake…Having school the day after Halloween is only worse and is a waste of time for both teachers and students.”

Halloween is the celebration of pumpkins, ghouls and princesses. The one night where all are trick-or-treating and binging horror movies in the spirit of the spooky season. It is the start of the holiday season; everyone should be able to enjoy the holidays with no worries of the early morning and long day to come.