Update on COVID-19 in CT


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Kecily Pavani, Staff Writer

Throughout the summer of 2020, Connecticut’s COVID-19 was on a steady decline until the end of Aug., when cases started to rise up once again. 

During the majority of Sept. and Oct., there were an average of 100 cases or more per day. On Oct. 12, Connecticut experienced a record spike, reaching 1,659 new confirmed cases.

Before these last few months, the state had been in Phase 3. As of Nov. 6, Connecticut is in Phase 2.1 once more. The Connecticut website had posted a guideline of how the state will function during this phase. Governor Ned Lamont had issued rules for businesses and their operating hours and events.

Schools that were supposed to open for hybrid learning had to postpone their opening date. However, as Connecticut residents move through the month of November, cases aren’t declining and only seem to increase each day. This is lowering the chances of schools in “Red Zone” towns and cities opening up again by the beginning of 2021.

Coronavirus hospitalizations have also been increasing since the beginning of October. As of recently, the state has 816 hospitalizations.

There were 68 Connecticut towns and cities that are in the “Red Zone” on Nov. 5, but that number has since doubled. Over 80 percent of Connecticut is now under the “Red Zone,”  with Norwalk, Danbury, Bridgeport, and Stamford being the cities that went over the average percent rates.

With the Thanksgiving and Christmas season ahead, the state of Connecticut worries about more cases appearing as families and friends will come together to celebrate. Health experts believe that Halloween festivities factored into recent spikes, and they don’t doubt that this pattern will repeat itself with the upcoming holidays.