DHS students gain real-world video skills in the Video Production Club


Sterling Miller

Members of the Video Production Club in the HattersTV studio

Shriya Jonnalagadda, Contributing Writer

With the school year in motion clubs are starting up again, one of them being the Video Production Club! 

The Video Production Club is responsible for creating, editing, and publishing videos for the school YouTube channel, HattersTv. Members of this club work with software and hardware-based technology, particularly videography/editing, scripting, broadcasting, etc. 

Chloe Wong, a junior, has been a part of the club for 3 years and she operates the cameras and sometimes speaks in front of the camera. Members can expect both on-screen and off-screen roles, and are free to explore the recording and editing software. 

Even during the 2020-2021 school year, amidst the pandemic-induced challenges, the Video production club regularly uploaded their ‘not-so-live VPC Live’ broadcasts to the YouTube channel. In their broadcasts, they had segments for student announcements, sports, and even guest speakers. 

The video production club is advised by Mr. Miller, a recipient of the CT technology teacher of the year award. “The Video Production Club (VPC) is very busy this year. We have more club members than we have had in the past”, he said. “you can see VPC student work in the announcements and on Comcast Channel 97. All students are welcome to come. We meet in A208 on Fridays until 3:00.”

In addition to new members, VPC broadcasts also have brand new segments: club members interviewed students during spirit week, and “Hatters Rush”, a student-led gameshow, has been installed. “I had so much fun playing Hatters Rush! It was exciting getting questions correct and winning the game!” Hatters Rush episode 1 winner, Mya Cefaloni said. “I would definitely play again!!”. 

Recently during a comedic chess skit, Noah Notaro “accepted a challenge in being featured in a chess tournament, [where] nobody knew how to play chess”. This segment, among others mentioned in this article, can be found in the YouTube video linked at the beginning of the article.