Elita Harkov goes on first ever tour with singer-songwriters Lucy Loone and Cottontail


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Elita Harkov’s Anxiety Angel tour happened earlier this fall.

Eclipse N. Dutcher, Staff Writer

Elita Harkov, also known as Emma Harvey, is a 26-year-old Canadian model, singer-songwriter and actress. She started her own business in 2017 by selling necklaces and earrings with weapon-themed charms. Around that time, she met Timothy Rypien who would later become her boyfriend, as well as the person to encourage her to make her own music, something Elita hadn’t done since her teenage years. The two of them would often write songs in places such as Elita’s bedroom, as they couldn’t afford to record in a proper studio at the time.Elita’s first ever single was ‘I Hate Everyone But You,’ released in 2018. As of 2021, Elita has her debut EP ‘Sick Girl’ (2019), a single, ‘Void’ (2020), and her most recent EP, ‘Blood Sucker’ (2021). Her most popular song on Spotify at the moment is ‘Introverted,’ and it is told from the point of view of an introvert going about their day.

She got popular for being friends with other popular indie/alt-pop artists (such as Melanie Martinez), and went on her first ever tour – Anxiety Angel Tour from Oct. 15 to Nov.23, around the United States.

However, she did not go alone on tour. The other two artists who performed on stage with her were Lucy Loone, a 21- years- old American alt-pop singer-songwriter and Cottontail, a 26 year old singer and actor. 

Lucy is known for their debut mixtape ‘Looney Bin’ (2018), as well as the EPs ‘I Love Lucy’ (2020), ‘Red Christmas’ (2020) and ‘Bring Me The Axe!’ (2021). They still haven’t made their debut album, but are planning on releasing it in 2022. They are famous for having songs either teaching about kindness and empathy – ‘Love on my Plate’, for example, has the line “empathy over everything” in regards to about coming together as a community and not arguing – or talking about extremely dark topics, such as the five stages of grief, as they did in the 5-song EP ‘Bring me the Axe!’. 

Cottontail got popular for collaborating with artists such as Jazmin Bean and Jane’s World before making his debut album ‘Trick ‘R Treat’ (2020), which is various songs either inspired by Halloween movies (for example, ‘Death Becomes Her’) or having Halloween themes (‘All Dressed Up’). 

The three went on tour around the United States together for the very first time this fall. Unfortunately, due to COVID regulations, the tour had strict health rules that were enforced to be followed by everyone or else people just wouldn’t be permitted.

According to a website redirecting to one of the places where they performed, The Echo Echoplex in Los Angeles, California, on Nov. 23, individuals must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and be at least two weeks after final dose, and unvaccinated children under 12 must have taken a Covid test within 72 hours of the concert. Masks were required to be worn by everyone, including fully vaccinated adults, save for the times they ate and drank. There are no reports of such rules being violated at the concert.