Savannah’s view on ‘Midnight Mass’


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This is the church that Midnight Mass took place at

Savannah Torrado , Staff Writer

Midnight Mass was a show created by Mike Flanagan, and it was filmed in Canada. This show was  about a priest named “Father Paul” that came to Crockett Island to fill in for Monsignor John Pruitt in his absence. Something seemed off about father Paul, but everyone just continued with life and ever questioned it until the unexplainable happened.

Many people enjoy Mike Flanagan’s shows/ movies. They left reviews and 87% like this show. “This is a beautifully filmed series that keeps you thinking; not just on the show, as it’s subject matter stirs up inflection on, past present, future, thoughts on spirituality..”, this was a google review someone left under the show around two months ago and I completely agree with them because we would watch something and not think about it after, but this series really did keep me thinking because religion is a big thing to people. Some people take it very seriously to the point where it becomes a spiritual thing in their eyes. When they are blinded by that spirituality they tend to block out all the possible bad and negative stuff which can be good at sometimes and bad in others. 

They all ignored the weird things that were occurring but thought that it was just god telling them that he is there to help them. “I think he’s demonic, I think he’s a bad thing… Even if the angel thought he was a good thing and thought he was benefiting people, he was killing people in the end because I think he was incredibly selfish and was taking more than he was giving and if anything he wanted more followers for him not for the religion”, this was said in an interview with a teacher at DHS, Katelyn Luis when I asked her how she felt about the “angel.” I felt like this really helps to understand the angel and his intentions.

After I watched the show, I felt like something just didn’t add up. It had me very confused at first until I got more into the show then everything started to make more sense. I liked the way that every episode had some type of plot or something going on that made the show keep leading you on to know what happened. Something that really had me on edge was when Ali drank the poison and “died.” last time I remember they aren’t Christian, they are Muslim so in that case Ali couldn’t have drank the “wine” because it would be against his religion. 

Overall I really liked this series because it was short and I didn’t have to wait for another season to come but, I would definitely recommend this to someone who likes horror and very gory shows or movies.