Karina Genao assumes role as Freshman Dean


Nia Sterling

Karina Genao in her office.

Nia Sterling, Staff Writer

Karina Genao has assumed the role of Danbury High School’s freshman Dean. Previously, Genao was a Special Education teacher. 

Genao is an extremely educated woman, who has been equipped with the training and preparation of working in the Danbury Public School System. Genao has been teaching for nine years, which prepared her for her new position. 

“The skill that I have in my previous roles [allows] me to work with kids that are struggling with behavior [and] attendance,” Genao said.

After taking a non-traditional education route, Genao majored in history at Western Connecticut State University and accepted a teaching fellowship in New York City while doing a school project. This fellowship resulted in her completion with a Master’s in conjunction with teaching at The City College of  New York.

Genao recognizes the differences in positions: “ As a special education teacher it is more about managing my caseload, making sure kids are being serviced, and their modification and accommodations are being followed. [It involves] supporting students, mostly academically. As a dean, I am sporting ninth-graders, not directly as a teacher, but as a supporter. I am the extra person they can come to if they need guidance.”

Genao’s passion for teaching derived from her “really amazing history professors. They inspired me. They were all teachers at one point. I was intrigued by how smart and inspirational they were. It made me want to follow [in their footsteps].”

 Genao is hoping to do the same as her previous teachers in beginning this new position.